September – Water – The Great Transformer

August – The Solar Eclipse’s Spiritual Message

July – Completion of Life Issues

June – Developing Your Intuitive Knowing

May – Managing Spiritual Energy

April – Shifting Into a More Refined State

March – Time – The Ever-Present Now

February – An Expanded View of Time

January – Beginning a New Way of Life



December – A Time of Completion and Renewed Purpose

November – Weathering the Storm

October – The Test of Conflicting Values

September – A Time for Preparation

August – The Brain-Heart Link

July – A New Cornerstone for Human Interaction

June – Activating the Power of the Heart

May – Major Themes for This Millennium

April – Shifting into a Higher State of Consciousness

March – A Spiritual Perspective on Terrorism

February – The Healing Power of Pain

January – A Year of Completion



December – Entering Higher Consciousness

November – Spiritual Transformation Through Water

October – Spiritual Transformation Through Fire

September – Another Look at Natural Disasters

August – Opening Up to Unseen Forces

July – Transitioning into the Fourth Dimension

June – A New Heaven and a New Earth

May – Love of Self

April – Achieving Unity through Duality

March – Raising Your Personal Vibration

February – The Purifying Power of Love

January – Accepting the Role of Forerunner



December – The Power of the Mindful Breath

November – Becoming a Spiritual Server

October – A Spiritual Perspective on Change and Loss

September – Triangulation

August – The Dark Night of the Soul

July – An Expanded View of Spirituality

June – The Time of Choosing

May – How to Manifest in a Time of Great Change

April – Transmutation – Essential for Spiritual Growth

March – Achieving Unity through Polarity

February – Raising Earth’s Vibratory Field 

January – Identifying Your Soul’s Purpose



December – Transformative Personal Change
November – The Spiral of Life
October – Maintaining a State of Inner Equanimity
September – Personal and Planetary Purification
August – Turning in a New Direction

July – Taking Personal Responsibility for Planetary Healing
June – Attuning to Higher Spiritual Energies

May – Accessing the Power of an Eclipse
April – Create a Celebratory Ritual
March – Living Within the Spirit of All Things

February – Power, Control and Authority
January – A Fundamental Shift in Consciousness


2012 – A Year Of Emergence

December – A Brief Glimpse of the Centuries Ahead
November – The Shift to a New and Better World
October – Focusing – The Pathway to the Soul
September – The Weakening of Earth’s Magnetic Field
August – Violence – A Force Assisting Spiritual Growth
July – The Five Steps of Manifestation
June – Become a Bringer of Light
May – The Cycle of Birth, Life, Death and Rebirth
April – Expanding How You View Yourself and Your World
March – Experiencing Your True Vibratory Nature
February – Maintaining a State of Inner Equanimity
January – The Deeper Significance of 2012


2011 – A Year Of Turbulence

December – Clearing Your Subconscious Mind
November – The Mayan Calendar and 11.11.11
October – Achieving Physical and Emotional Mastery
September – A Time for Celebration
August – Fulfilling the purpose for which you were born
July – Earth, a Place for Major Soul Growth
June – Developing Honor and Respect in Conflict
May – Connecting to the Power Source of Creation
April – Achieving Spiritual Stability
March – Riding the Waves of Change
February – Releasing Negative Behavior Patterns
January – The Spiritual Purpose of Turbulence


2010 – A Year Of Preparation

December – A Time for Spiritual Connection
November – Opening the Pathway to Your Soul
October – Who Am I, and Why Am I Here?
September – Raising Your Vibratory Rate
August – Personal and Planetary Purification
July – Establishing a Planetary Relationship
June – Achieving Emotional Equilibrium
May – Mastering Completion
April – Thought Forms
March – Mental House Cleaning
February – Finding One’s True Self
January – Developing Involved Detachment


2009 – The Next Leap In Consciousness

December – A Time of Completion
November – Remembering Who We Are
October – A Time For New Awareness
September – Riding the Waves of Change
August – Building a Firm Foundation
July – The High Point of the Year’s Cycle
June – The Power of the Midpoint
May – A Time for Creation and Renewal
April – Manifesting What You Want
March – Manifesting Your Highest Good
February – Activating Mental Intent
January – A Pivotal Change Begins


2008 – TheTime Of Earth-Spirit Connection

December – A Time for Review
November – A Major Shift in Consciousness
October – Increasing Brain Function
September – Expanding the Sense of Hearing
August – Developing the Gift of Sight
July – Projecting One’s Energy Field
June – Healing Oneself
May –The Power of Mental Intent
April – Reactivating Your Personal Power
March – Forming an Earth-Spirit Connection
February – Mastering Life’s Lessons
January – The Start of a New Nine Year Cycle


2007 – The Great Shift Begins

December – Earth’s Completion of a Nine Year Cycle
November – Realignment of the Human Brain
October – Raising One’s Spiritual Vibration
September – Attuning to Planetary Rhythms
August – A Journey into the Eternal Now
July – A Time for Healing the Subconscious Mind
June – A Time for Physical Healing
May – Children, the Forerunners of Tomorrow
April – A Time of Connection
March – A New Program of Expansion
February – Connecting to the Primal Force
January – The Point of Return Has Been Reached


2006 – A Time For Consolidation of Power

December – Become Bringers of Light
November – Developing Intuitive Knowing
October – Developing Clear-sighted Discrimination
September – The Period of Purification Has Begun
August – Bringing the Planet to a Higher Level
July – The Mental Power of Intent
June – The Birthing of a New World
May – A Spiritual View of Political Conflict
April – Developing Personal Power
March – Understanding the Nature of Power
February – The Choice is Yours
January – The Shift Begins