September 2016 – A Time for Preparation


We welcome you, our dear friends. You truly are living in an era of great possibilities. Human life on your planet is in a seemingly stressful time of flux and disorientation. Our role is to give you an expanded perception regarding the positive elements of the period in which you are living. The analogy that best describes your experience is that of preparation for a new and yet unplanted garden.

The first step needing to be taken is preparation of the soil. The ground requires working and aeration to remove all weeds. Before new seeds can be planted, this process must take place in order to guarantee a successful crop. From the standpoint of gardening, this could be viewed as an assault upon the existing soil, but in reality it is a time of necessary preparation.

This is what your planet is currently experiencing. The upheaval and discord in almost all corners of Earth is simply an aeration of the human condition. All negative elements of society are surfacing for exposure and eventual removal. A new human species waiting to incarnate requires a more conducive environment in which to live and prosper than the one that currently exists.

For this reason, your mother planet is emanating powerful energies aimed at breaking up long-term negative patterns of human behavior. Another source assisting the aeration process is the influx of disruptive galactic waves subtly impacting all life on the planet. The combination of the two is bringing a high level of necessary turbulence into all walks of life. We ask that you hold this picture of garden preparation in mind as you observe the chaos of the current human condition.

During the past thirty years, the inhabitants of Earth have lived within a time of accelerated spiritual development. This has created in many an expectation of results that does not reflect the reality of the process underway, thereby producing a high level of disappointment and disillusion. Spiritual progress is slow, steady and inexorable. Every step is essential to the ongoing success of the spiritual journey and must be completed before the next step can be taken.

Your planet has been involved in an extensive evolutionary journey. It still has a ways to go to reach the advanced spiritual state intended at its inception. Every step has been programmed to provide a proving ground for spiritual development. We ask spiritual seekers to see where they are in the process and offer any service that is required at the present time with no expectation of desired results. What is required here is steady, unwavering trust and willingness to participate in a process in which the end result will not be reached in one’s lifetime.

We are asking you to be spiritual gardeners. Use the analogy of the garden to reflect back to you where you are in Earth’s cycle of spiritual growth. A new phase of human life is ready to emerge on your planet. Another major step up the spiral of life is beginning requiring that the negative aspects of human life be eliminated wherever possible. Earth’s human garden needs serious and intense aeration. We ask that you view yourselves as spiritual gardeners living during the preparation phase.

Your job is to clean and clear as much negativity as possible within yourself while assisting those about you in their quest to do the same. In this lifetime, you will not see the garden at its bountiful best or be a participant in the harvest – at least in this present lifetime. We ask that you be content in knowing that you are working in an intense proving ground for spiritual development. You have an important job – one which you volunteered for prior to incarnation and are in the process of living.

The weeds we are referring to here are the destructive thoughts, deeds and actions that surface continually in all aspects of the human condition. They must not be allowed to flourish in any aspect of life. We ask that you start with self always conducting a fearless inventory of your own personal behavior. Negativity of any kind pollutes the atmosphere and lowers its vibratory rate. The antidote to negativity is always the same – love and respect.

Loving thoughts, deeds and actions are always healing in any type of situation. When they enter an interaction, a shift occurs which is felt on many different levels. The tension level is significantly reduced, and laughter can spontaneously bubble up in conversation. It is almost as if light enters the interaction that was not present before. As human beings evolve, they will be able to recognize the change that occurs in the vibratory environment when love and respect are present.

We would like to salute you who have been toiling in preparing a new spiritual garden for the future inhabitants of Earth. It is hard work and requires trust and acceptance of a long-term goal that will not be currently realized. We honor you and express great gratitude for the service you have provided and want you to know that you are loved and supported by many on the realm of spirit.