September 2015 – Another Look at Natural Disasters


We welcome you, our dear friends. This month we are coming to you with a different format than we have ever used in the nine and a half years we have been communicating with you through monthly transmissions. In the immediate future, we will periodically be featuring segments from the three books we have brought into existence with the person who has served as our channel into your third dimension. All life on your planet has entered an intense period of recapitulation, of which this transmission will be an example as we take another look at earlier information we brought to you.

For so many of you, issues in life you have considered resolved have surfaced again, and so it is with us. We need to return to information we have supplied earlier since it is more pertinent now than ever. This month we would like to speak with you regarding the physical assault your planet is experiencing regarding massive fires and flooding in so many different locales. At the present time, the western part of the United States is bracing itself for what is predicted to be the impact of a massive El Nino in the next six months. Wildfires and flooding are becoming the norm throughout the globe increasing people’s anxiety level significantly.

Earlier, we addressed the topic of natural disasters in The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home. The following is what we said then: “There are three fundamental causes for natural disasters. The first relates to the ongoing cycle of death and rebirth the planet undergoes as it moves through its many phases of life. It is part of the Creator’s plan that your planet will provide a wide variety of experiences to advance soul growth. These opportunities appear in events of joy and inspiration and in the tragedies and sorrows of pain and loss.

The Creator provides a beautiful tapestry woven with the duality of life, reflecting what it is to be human. Humanity is learning how to love, laugh, cry and suffer—all part of the human condition. Only through the path of opposites will the human experience be indelibly etched on the fabric of the soul. As the incarnating soul rises above the horrors of natural disasters with courage and grace, life on Earth is irradiated with light and love, raising the vibratory frequency of the planet.

Secondly, the natural disasters at this time on Earth also stem from the travail the great soul inhabiting your planet is experiencing as she moves through a most painful initiation. She is in great pain, which is reflected in the turmoil that surfaces through the many kinds of natural disasters occurring on her surface. It is essential that souls incarnating on Earth develop an expanded view of themselves from a planetary, galactic and universal perspective.

Mother Earth is willing to go through the pain of expanded consciousness in order for you to grow in awareness. Through loving prayers and directing positive energy into her core, you can assuage her suffering. She will continue to thrash in pain until her initiation is complete. When the period of natural disasters ends, a beautiful rainbow will appear. It will be a promise to Earth and her inhabitants that a new day has dawned, one filled with promise and love for all. In the meantime, incarnating souls must maintain trust and live with the certainty that everything occurring is for the highest good.

The third cause for the increasing catastrophic disasters rest with the people inhabiting your planet. The escalation of anger, strife, greed and warfare that has spread throughout Earth is contributing to the increase of severe weather conditions in many locales. Negative emotions can create destructive weather conditions in a given area. If political wars continue to escalate, they will contribute to the ongoing imbalance of weather in various areas of the globe. However, the people residing where natural disasters are occurring may not always be the cause for what is transpiring.

Earth’s geological makeup is similar to that of the human body. Just as the body has a circulatory system carrying the blood through capillaries, veins and arteries to every extremity, Earth has a similar process of moving its energy through a grid of light encompassing the entire planet. If you were able to see Earth as we do from the realm of spirit, you would observe radiating channels of light transporting energy to even the most remote and isolated areas.

This planetary grid can bring energy to a land not responsible for creating it. Just as cancer cells migrate through the human body from the place originally producing them, so too can a geographic location experience severe weather conditions when the people of that area have not been the generating cause. There is a symbiotic relationship between the people of Earth and the planet that sustains them. When people create disharmony and discord in one area of the globe, the negative vibratory field can move throughout the planetary grid to surface in another locale not connected to the site of origin.

It is imperative that you understand how all life is interconnected. Then you can take responsibility for the health and welfare of the planet and everything that lives and breathes on its surface. When this change in belief and behavior occurs, a new day will dawn—once carrying a new vibratory energy of peace and love. The natural disasters will lesson and assume their rightful course in the cyclical life of Earth. Trust in the divine order and harmony of the Creator’s Plan. You will always be loved and supported no matter what is happening. Face with courage and dignity whatever life beings. At an unseen level, everything is for your highest good.”