September 2014 – Triangulation


We welcome you, our dear friends. The inhabitants of Earth currently are experiencing a glorious time of spiritual growth. We know that for many of you these words ring hollow at the very least. They may seem to be a travesty regarding your current life situation and the condition in the world today. It is our role to help you see beyond the confines of your outer life and attune to the inner awareness that is unfolding for you on many different levels.

The demands and stresses of your life are assisting the growth you are making spiritually. You must be able to see the transformation that is taking place within you in order to accelerate this growth. Incarnating souls on your planet need to develop the conviction that they are participating in the great step forward inhabitants of Earth are taking. We are one of the sources from the realm of spirit participating in this process.

It is our assignment to bring you information that will expand your consciousness so that you can participate in the evolutionary process that is under way. It is for this reason we have called ourselves Lightbringers since our information brings enlightenment, which leads to spiritual growth. When you read the words in our monthly transmissions, you are participating in a communication between two different spiritual planes. You are the recipientof information that is not generated on the third dimension. It comes from a higher vibratory level than that within which you live.

This is a very important concept for you to consider. Many of you who read our transmissions accept them as if you were reading material created in your world. Our messages are encoded with a vibration that does not originate from Earth. Because this is so, we would like to ask that you develop a certain approach when you read our monthly transmissions. It is called a triangulation. The receiver of our transmissions uses it each time she records our words.

Before you bring up the email containing our message, take a moment to visualize a direct connection formed between the realm of spirit, yourself and the Earth. This visualization creates a triangulation. Once the connection is established, read the current transmission within this conscious framework. In so doing, you will have raised your vibration to a higher level and will be journeying into multidimensional consciousness. This journey is the single most important activity you can be involved in at the present time.

Once you see yourself as a bridge between the third and higher dimensions, you will start to operate on a new level. You will see all of your current life issues with an expanded perspective. Solutions to longstanding problems will suddenly become evident, and you will understand the true significance of what is happening and why. This is your birthright. Assume it and activate it now.

Use this triangulation exercise regularly in differing situations. If you do this, you will gradually become aware that you are able to navigate your earthly issues with a power and ability you did not have before. You will be able to impact many life situations in a positive and reinforcing way. You will have entered the realm of true service, a role which you agreed upon before incarnating.

Now is the time for your personal expansion. Embrace it and begin. If you were to form a triangulation upon rising each day, you would find a new and more vital energy entering your life. It is the energy of spirit made manifest. By operating in this manner, you will be bringing to Earth a higher and more subtle vibration – one that will result in improvement and ultimately personal transformation.

As nations and people all over the globe struggle with negativity and pain in their dally affairs, achieving success resides first on the level of spirit, not in the material solutions applied to any situation. Improvement has to begin at the spiritual level. Only then will a true shift occur. The problems plaguing the inhabitants of Earth will be solved when there is an acceptance of this fundamental fact.

Incarnating souls on your planet need to access regularly the vibratory force field of the higher dimensions. Triangulation is a quick and effective way to achieve this goal. Human beings that are soul infused will be the wave of the future. They will form the vanguard of the new human species that is beginning to come in large numbers onto the planet. If you have any doubt of this fact, look at the children of today.

Many of them are operating on a higher vibratory level and will bring change and improvement to life on your planet. They need to have enough of a base of multidimensional consciousness established here to support them. This is the primary task of those currently residing on the planet. You are here to prepare the way for those who are coming. You are part of a process that stretches into the future of life on your planet.

Those of you currently living on Earth will not see this goal accomplished in your lifetime. You must content yourself with the knowledge that you have offered assistance along the way. You have played a role in the greater scheme of things. Acceptance and gratitude for this fact should be enough to sustain you as you proceed with the work you agreed to. Connect regularly with spirit and know that you are loved.