September 2012 – The Weakening of Earth’s Magnetic Field

We welcome you, our dear friends. All forms of life on your planet are going through a powerful phase of transformation at the present time. It can be seen on every level, but particularly in the world of nature. A wide variety of destructive weather conditions are buffeting many areas of the planet on a continuous basis, causing much dislocation and suffering. The impact of these climatic conditions is causing people to rise to a level of coping they have not had to exercise in the past.

Often we have spoken to you about the importance of recognizing the energy fields influencing you at any given point in time. As you develop a higher level of multidimensional consciousness, you will be able to connect with the vibrational frequencies that are unfolding all about you and use them to your advantage. These abilities will help you use energy fields to create a positive way forward.

In the very earliest days of human life on Earth, her inhabitants possessed expanded capabilities of extrasensory perception. They were in continuous intuitive contact with every element of their natural world. Their mental apparatus was like a tuning fork picking up the slightest activity occurring anywhere within their range of perception. Gradually over time, however, this ability atrophied, as the vibration of the third dimension increased in influence.

Your planet is now at a crucial time in its evolutionary growth. The electromagnetic force field of your planet is weakening significantly. It has been diminishing at an ever increasing rate for some time now. There is speculation and concern about this change with increasing conjecture about a possibility of a shift of the poles. This shift in the poles of the planet has occurred many times in the past as an assist to the planet’s spiritual progress.

Why do we speak about a topic so esoteric and removed from the issues of your daily life? We do so because Earth’s energy field is continually impacting you whether you are aware of it or not. It is highly significant for you that your planet’s energy field is weakening, because now you can have a more direct influence over your own choices and actions. You no longer have to be affected by forces beyond your ability to withstand them.

Whenever Earth’s electromagnetic field weakened in the past, humanity took an evolutionary step forward, because humans had more freedom to move themselves and their world with the power of their intent and the exercising of their will. Another one of those periods is at hand. At this time, however, the possibility for evolutionary progress is greater than at any time in the past.

The reason for this lies in the fact that many cycles of varying length are ending at the same time. Earth’s force field is in a fluid and permeable state, which means that humans can affect it in a more direct and powerful way than at any time in the past. Incarnating souls have come to Earth to develop their co-creative powers with the planet and the many realms of spirit.

You are living in a time of great power. Draw upon it through your spiritual practices to create a new and positive way for yourself and your world. Many of you are facing negative situations in your personal lives that you thought were settled but have surfaced again. You are being given an opportunity to address these issues in a new and more creative way than in the past.

Political polarity and upheaval can be found throughout the planet. This dynamic is bringing to the surface issues that need transformation in order for humanity to move up the spiral of life. The people of Earth now have a golden opportunity to develop respect, cooperation and nonviolence as the prevailing values within the human condition.

The best way to bring about this change is to start with you. Try to always treat yourself and others with these spiritual values. As you make progress in achieving these goals, you not only are assisting your personal spiritual growth but also are contributing to the spiritual progress of the planet in a direct and powerful way. In addition, you are expanding your own capacity to create with the Source from which you came. What could be more beautiful than that?