We welcome you, our dear friends. We ask that you set aside this month of September as a period of celebration, for that is the way it is perceived by us on the realm of spirit. It may be difficult to see any cause for celebration, given the events that are occurring in many places on the planet. When you look with a three dimensional view, the affairs of humanity appear problematic indeed.

We would like, however, to present what is evident to us who reside in realms beyond yours. Incarnating souls on your planet are opening up to the light of spirit, which is irradiating all the nooks and crannies of Earth. From our vantage point, the encrusted energy field surrounding your planet is slowly dissolving. As this energy field breaks up, more light is beamed from Earth out into the vast distances of time and space.

The dissolution is being aided by the turbulence found at all levels of life. Even though turbulence spawns agitation, unrest, disturbance and violence, from a spiritual standpoint it is the breath of God. Because of turbulence, souls can extricate themselves from crystallized behavior that is holding them back from moving up the spiral of life. This year, turbulence of all kinds will start to dissipate long-established patterns, so that 2012 can provide the springboard to a new and better world. This is cause for celebration.

It is essential that you maintain a positive view of what is happening and know that everything is unfolding for the highest good. In your daily meditation, we ask that you visualize Earth enveloped in a longstanding energy field that is starting to dissolve and disappear. See an ever stronger light emanating from within the heart of the planet. We ask that you send your own light, adding your intent to the spiritualization of Mother Earth and its inhabitants.

We know that to many of you, this hardly seems like a time for rejoicing or celebration. Discord, strife and violence, both human and climatic, seem to be in the ascendancy everywhere. What is not evident are the many acts of love, kindness and devotion occurring quietly within individuals, families, groups and nations. These efforts carry a frequency that will increase the light of spirit throughout your world.

This spiritual energy will help break up the negative patterns of behavior that have prevailed upon Earth for eons. So there really is cause for celebration. The process of purification and enlightenment is firmly established and growing in strength even as the turbulence increases. Embrace this process and welcome the change that comes with it. It is the breath of the Almighty helping to create a New World.

Keeping this thought in mind, we would like to address some specific developments that are emerging at the present time on Earth. The first is the interconnected globalization of communication and events. The positive aspect of globalization is that the planet is activating its entire vibratory energy grid. People are starting to see themselves as part of a global entity providing an interconnecting link in a wide variety of ways.

A negative aspect of globalization is the potential for uniformity of thought, which stifles individual expression and creative human growth. The blueprint for the spiritual development of your planet contains an evolutionary path to wholeness. This path is similar to that for each individual soul. As Earth activates her energy grid, a major shift in consciousness will occur.

How different human life will be when one feels a connection to others at a basic primal level. As this vibratory frequency grows in strength, it will become more difficult to think or do anything harmful to another. When understanding, compassion and love become prevalent, your planet and her people will move into multidimensional consciousness  a state anticipated by those who have helped prepare for it down through the ages.

Another important development is the symbiotic relationship occurring between the consciousness of the planet and her people. The increase in hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and wildfires is causing Earth’s inhabitants to focus on what is happening to the planet and how these events are affecting human life. There is a growing recognition that something serious is impacting planetary health and balance.

This awareness is a most positive development indeed. The deep spiritual connection with Mother Earth has been lost for a number of centuries. It is time to reactivate that bond. The planet is in turmoil, part of which is caused by forces within the galaxy and solar system and part precipitated by the thoughts and actions of those who reside on her surface.

Some of the destructive climatic aspects can be lessoned when people send positive healing energy to Earth and improve the way they interact with each other. When you establish a heartfelt connection with your planet and see your role as a protector of her health and well being, the first steps toward harmony and balance will have been taken. It is an important step. Please take it now.

The Lightbringers