September 2010 – Raising Your Vibratory Rate


We welcome you, our dear friends. The year 2010 is beginning the final part of its journey towards completion in December. This pivotal twelve month cycle is the first of a triad ending in 2012. During these past eight months, we have attempted to bring you information that will help prepare you for the next great shift in consciousness, which is fast approaching.

Throughout the year, we have spoken about the following kinds of personal preparedness needed to weather the years ahead: developing involved detachment, finding your true self, using thought forms as you master mental house cleaning, achieving emotional equilibrium and completion. Finally, we talked about how one establishes a relationship with mother Earth in order to participate in personal and planetary purification.

What we have covered with you during these past years is seminal and basic to the raising of consciousness. The spiritual practices we have described carry powerful transformative energies. If you have committed yourself to them, you will have raised your vibratory rate to a higher more refined level, even though you may not be aware you have done so.

We now would like to speak about how to recognize that you are functioning on a different vibratory plane, because many of you may be doing so and are not aware of it. The first sign of vibratory change is a heightened sensitivity to noise, light and negative group interaction. Do you have more of a desire to be removed from personal and social activities that take place in loud and busy settings? Do you find yourself longing for peaceful and serene places where you can sit and relax, preferably close to nature?

If you have raised your vibratory rate, you will be emitting more light onto the planet and consequently will be drawn to locales compatible with your newly refined energy field. Also, a raised vibratory rate activates intuitive capabilities, so you may find that you are developing a knowing about people and situations without any factual information to validate what you are sensing.

People who are in the throes of changing their energy fields often times experience physical changes. They may develop a strong need to strengthen their bodies, change their eating habits and modify significantly their approach to personal health and wellness. Chronic physical ailments that have surfaced periodically in the past may increase now, so they can be addressed and healed once and for all.

When the body achieves a more refined vibratory rate, life takes on a different tone and hue. A sense of peace and serenity within comes easily and often, even in the most trying of circumstances. Slowly, a trust is reached that whatever occurs is for the highest good, even though the outer circumstances may appear to be the opposite. The truth is that the ability to find joy in the simplest of things is more and more possible.

When one reaches a higher state of consciousness, conflict and violence become unbearable. There is an overwhelming need for peace, connection and unity. It is impossible to support discord of any type. If you have experienced these changes in yourself, then know that you are adjusting the vibratory rate of your energy field to one that is more pure and refined. With this process, you are being transformed right down to the cellular level.

The whole purpose of spiritual growth and development resides in ascending to a more elevated state. As this process occurs, a person will develop an expanded view of life – one that sees people and situations in a positive and loving way. The importance of achieving unity becomes paramount in all of life’s situations. It is no longer possible to support polarity or division in any form.

As one continues to grow and change, the transformation from the old persona to a new, more enlightened level of being occurs. This is why developing a spiritual perspective in life is essential. Within every human being there is a steady, unwavering pulsation that stimulates the person to grow in consciousness. This pulsation supplies the motivating force necessary for ascending to a higher state.

Most people are unaware that this inner stimulus even exists. For those who have committed themselves to the practices of prayer, meditation, contemplation and increasing their knowledge base regarding the gifts of the spirit, the inner impetus to rise to a higher level of functioning is continuous. It is this stimulus that contributes to the evolutionary progress of humanity on Earth.

Transformation provides the foundation necessary for spiritual growth and development. All sentient life throughout the many universes of time, space and beyond contains a sacred essence established at the beginning of creation. This divine essence or soul is meant to experience and create in a wide diversity of realms. This is why a motivating force impelling a person to grow and expand is so necessary for spiritual growth.

Our role is to awaken the pulsation that moves a person to reach a higher, more refined spiritual state. All of the information we bring to you is meant to accomplish this goal. For this reason, we wish to express our deepest appreciation to those of you who have joined with us for whatever period of time. Together we have created a beautiful link between the realms of spirit and matter elevating all of us. What could be more wondrous then that?