September 2009 – Riding the Waves of Change


We welcome you, our dear friends. Those of you living in the northern hemispheres of the planet have moved into a period of harvest and completion for the year. It is a time for gathering and appreciating the work you have done in 2009. You certainly deserve it.

Reflect and contemplate on what has unfolded for you this year. During the past eight months, we have spoken often about the major leap in consciousness, which is occurring for people all over the globe. Perceptions, ideas and belief systems for many are being revised and even fundamentally altered.

For some, the winds of change have brought rigid entrenchment and holding on to the status quo to insure that change does not occur. There are powerful spiritual forces at work in almost every country on the planet. These forces are assailing the hidebound traditions of society, causing disruption and discord in many areas of life.

For those who look only at the outer significance of events, it is an unsettling time. It seems as if anger and hostility are erupting on a continual basis. The political process is providing an outlet for inner rage, which has been dormant and suppressed within many. Those with a strong fear for what the future will bring are taking to the streets to express their dissatisfaction in sometimes violent terms.

This background of discordant energy impacts even those who are pleased with and supportive of the changes that are occurring. So how can a person deal with the storms of life erupting everywhere? The answer lies in gaining a spiritual perspective that sees events as positive developments in the unfolding of a Divine Plan.

If one can acquire the belief that everything happening is for the highest good, no matter how it appears outwardly, the problems of life take on a very different tone and hue. When challenges and tests appear, it is important that one transcend or rise above the circumstances and look for the broader, underlying good residing in a hidden form. It is always there.

One way to develop this perspective is to select a problem, which was addressed and worked through at an earlier time in life. Identify whatever good emerged from this situation and recognize how the problem provided the context within which this positive result could come forth.

Now take another situation that was troubling for you. Again reflect and discover, if possible, what good came in your life because of it. By developing this view, the realization will grow that every painful occurrence contains an inherent good, which contributes positively to you in some way, if only you can discern it.

When you reach this point, you will have gained a spiritual perspective regarding the concept of the highest good. All souls incarnating on Earth at the present time are taking part in the dissolution of an Old World, which is reaching the completion of its evolutionary cycle. Developing a sustaining principle is an essential aid for dealing with the turbulence of these times.

Endings can be painful when they contain fear, resistance and lack of understanding. If you are able to see what is happening in your world from a broader spiritual perspective, you will be able to weather the vicissitudes of life in a state of high well being. It can help to visualize yourself riding the crest of a shimmering wave as you soar over the sea, impervious to the deadly undertow below. This mental picture will support you in the days, months and years ahead.

A great purification of the planet and those living on it has begun. Earth with its land and people needs to be cleansed. For this reason, much negativity is surfacing everywhere. In order to usher in the New World, many values and beliefs need to end so that the opportunity for different ways of living can come forth.

Any woman who has given birth might say that the period of labor was painful indeed, but the emergence of the baby was worth every minute of what was suffered. Earth is experiencing the birth of a New World that will function at a higher, more advanced level than the current one. Pain is part of this process.

Gain wisdom from what you have learned in the first eight months of 2009. Incorporate whatever good you have gleaned into conscious knowing so that you can draw from it in the future. Ride the waves to come with balance and grace refusing to be caught in the undertows of life. Hold your head high as you take the next leap in consciousness knowing that you are always loved and supported by the Creator of All That Is.