September 2008 – Expanding the Sense of Hearing


We welcome you, our dear friends. During the past five months, we have been embarking on a new path in the transmission process. It is imperative for the people of Earth to reacquaint themselves regarding personal powers and capabilities that have long been dormant or underutilized. All those living on Earth’s surface are moving into an extended period of reawakening occurring at all levels of existence.

We are aware that much of our information does not address the practical matters prevalent in life. We know that your attention is focused on family and work issues, health and healing, death of loved ones, interpersonal relationships and coping with the challenges of everyday affairs, which take up much of your time. We honor and respect that this is the human condition.

Our purpose, as part of the Divine Plan, however, is to bring information from the realm of spirit to the Earth plane that will expand and enhance spiritual growth. Every human being has a soul essence that is a spark of the Divine. This soul essence travels through time, space and beyond to grow in love and wisdom – all the while reflecting back the beauty and diversity of creation.

In many instances in the past, connection with the soul was clear and direct. Other times, awareness of the soul was held within and not known by the outer persona. For an extended period on your planet, this has been the prevailing situation. Now the people of Earth must begin to recognize and acknowledge that they are infused with a spiritual essence that is a spark of their Creator.

It is also time to own and honor the powers and abilities that are a part of every human birthright. This is the task to which we were assigned, that of bringing information from the realm of spirit to expand human consciousness. We appreciate all of you who are willing to accompany us on this journey of exploration and discovery.

For the past five months, we have been addressing the reactivation of human personal powers. Our task is to inform you that you have the ability to manifest and create in the three-dimensional world. This ability is sorely needed now and will be even more so in the future. We have spoken about mental intent, healing oneself, projecting one’s energy field and the gift of sight.

We now would like to address the human auditory capacity, which is far beyond what you presently are utilizing. Back in the dawn of time, spiritually evolved humans on Earth possessed highly attuned hearing sensibilities. They were able to discern sounds emanating from afar and also those coming from other dimensions.

Gradually over time, human hearing has been reduced to that which is only in one’s immediate vicinity. People have lost the ability to hear with more advanced listening capabilities, which has resulted in a closing of certain pathways in the brain. These pathways have been programmed from earliest times to provide the human race with extrasensory perception, ultimately resulting in expanded multidimensional consciousness.

The time has arrived for the people of Earth to reconnect to their earlier auditory state. It is one very important step for humans to take on their spiritual journey back to Source. Many developments are occurring on your planet reflecting the emergence of increased auditory skills. One example is a technology called R3M, which involves putting highly sensitive devices on the ocean floor and listening to how the planet responds to electromagnetic fields.

This technology shows how a spiritual principal can be reflected in three-dimensional reality. More and more emphasis will appear during this century and beyond regarding the importance of heightened hearing. There will be an explosion in the entire field of sound as it comes to be used in healing and achieving higher states of consciousness.

In order for this evolutionary step to be taken, we ask the people of Earth to commit to expanding your auditory capabilities. This can be done in a wide variety of ways. First, it is necessary to form a strong mental intent to do so. The next step involves embarking upon certain practices that expand listening skills.

Start by listening to your own body with its pulsating rhythm and cadence. Can you feel and hear the throb of life existing within you? Can you discern the wisdom of your soul that seems to manifest as a still, small voice speaking in your mind? Then move beyond your own persona. Attune to the heartbeat of Mother Earth, which forms a continuous vibrational resonance supporting all life in your sphere.

Start to listen to the tones and sounds of your world. Can you determine which are uplifting and which are discordant? Can you sense the vibratory waves existing all about you? Take time to sit in quiet receptiveness as you listen to beautiful music or the many sounds found in nature. Start to pay attention to the wide tonal diversity in your environment. These practices will serve as the springboard to an expanded auditory capacity.

Life in the many universes of the Creator undulates with vibratory waves of varying density and refinement. All that you hear has its own particular pulsation and affects your personal vibratory field directly. Hearing is the sense that receives these waves and registers them in your awareness. For this reason, what you listen to is very important and lowers or raises your energy field correspondingly.

Paying close attention to the sounds all about you will start to open the long dormant pathways in your brain, facilitating states of heightened hearing. Just committing yourself to accepting the importance of sound will begin the process for you. After a given period, specific to you alone, you will start to regain the human capacity that has always been a part of your birthright. Is that not a journey worth taking?