September 2007 – Attuning to Planetary Rhythms


We welcome you, our dear friends. As the northern hemispheres of your planet move into their waning cycle for the year, energy flow and light emanations have begun to diminish. Life in general is reducing its intensity and will start the move to a quieter period – one requiring more introspection and contemplation. Planetary rhythms absorb the amount of light received from the sun and adjust accordingly. All sentient life on Earth responds in the same manner with alternating cycles of activity and rest.

The human body is calibrated to respond to the amount of light found in its environment. This is also true for animal life and plant vegetation. As the amount and warmth of light diminishes, the energy field available to all forms of life is altered resulting in a lessened field of activity. These changes reflect the duality found throughout your universe and occur with regularity and consistency producing a rhythmic cycle that never wavers.

In many different ways down through the years, we have spoken with you about the importance of attuning to Earth and living in harmony with her vibratory field. One of the most important realizations one can have is that of the interconnectedness existing between your planet, which provides life support, and you who receive it. We have asked that you develop the ability to feel the vibratory emanations coming from within the core of your planet and use this energy source as the foundation for all of your activity.

If you do so, you will live in a state of harmony and balance since you will be reflecting accurately your planet’s energy field. Those of you residing in the northern hemispheres will be experiencing a reduction in vital life force for the next six months with its most intense time occurring three months from now. Alternating activity and rest provide a clear reflection of the duality found in every sphere of the universe.

The underlying reason for this pattern is quite simple. When a stimulus is introduced, a period of less intensity follows to allow for assimilation before moving on to the next period of activity. This is why the seasons of spring and summer are typified by increased vegetative growth and human physical activity; and fall and winter provide a period of rest before regeneration begins anew. There is a divine purpose behind the unfolding of this pattern, one that is important to recognize and incorporate into daily life.

In the past one hundred years, the natural rhythms created by the degree of sunlight have been overridden by the advent of electricity, which has provided artificial light whenever needed. This has resulted in cycles of never ending movement with no following period for rest and assimilation. There is no impetus to cease activity and engage in recuperative hibernation for many people since light is always available.

This new manner of living has put a severe strain on human beings residing on your planet. They have lost their innate sense of harmony and balance which has resulted in unhealthy behavior in a wide variety of different situations. It is not necessary that this be the case. The invention of electricity was a great boon to humanity and should be valued as such; but to be truly beneficial it must be incorporated into the vibratory rhythms of the planet.

In order for this to happen, it is important that incarnating souls on Earth connect with the spiritual entity infusing your planet on an on-going basis and reflect her rhythmic patterns in their daily lives. This can best be done through regular meditation and attunement. By sitting quietly and going within, one can start to feel the pulsation and throb emanating from the core of Earth at a very subtle level. Pull that vibratory energy into yourself so that you can resonate in harmony with the Earth on which you live.

If you are able to accomplish this important connection, you will find that your life in the fall and winter of the year will take on a different tone and tenor. You will recognize the value of quieter moments and will find yourself modifying your life in small but significant ways so that you can be in harmony with your larger planetary energy field.

To truly benefit from this period of assimilation, go back and review the key issues that have risen for you during the spring and summer of this year. Reflect on them and glean from them the knowledge and wisdom you have gained. Let these experiences sink into your inner knowing to become a part of your soul’s journey.

To see your existence in this manner provides growth that brings peace and harmony into your personal life at every level. Also, as we have said before, your universe is in the throes of a monumental shift in consciousness. One key element of this shift is expanding one’s concept of self from a physical body to that of a spirit-infused human persona residing within a living planetary field that is part of a much greater universal Creator. Once this awareness is gained, a major step up the spiral of life has been reached.