September 2006 – The Period of Purification Has Begun


We welcome you, our dear friends. The inhabitants of Earth are moving into the final third of this pivotal year – one beginning the Period of Purification so long prophesied by the indigenous people throughout the globe. These guardians of the flame have known for eons through their direct contact with higher realms that a great time of transformation would come and would impact every living soul on the planet.

For centuries these holy tribes have conducted dances, chants and prayers to Great Spirit facilitating and grounding the energies that would be needed during this momentous period. They understood at a deep level of comprehension that the vibratory force field of Earth had to be raised in order to create a positive spiritual climate for the great evolutionary step forward which would occur in the twenty-first century.

This transformation first requires a purification of world-wide proportions – one so extensive that all life on the planet will be imprinted with an energetic overlay initiating a release of negative energy held in each life form down to the smallest atom. This negativity can best be described as a darkness or density at the most basic level of any organism.

The theme of our transmissions for the year 2006 has been the consolidation of power. In order for power to come together and coalesce into a vortex of great force, all obstacles preventing that outcome must be removed. The term that best describes this process of removal is purification, because what is really occurring is a massive cleansing on all levels of existence.

In human beings, the presence of negativity can surface as physical illness, emotional instability, mental imbalance or spiritual disharmony. Wherever these conditions exist, there is a need for release and healing, which at a planetary level manifests as purification. Each time negativity is addressed and healed, a stronger foundation is created for the infusion of spiritual particles of light, which raise Earth’s energy field to a higher vibratory resonance.

We know that most people do not think about purification or changing the planet’s energy field when they address their own physical, emotional or mental problems. They generally see their situation from a limited perspective as a personal condition with which only they must contend. They do not believe that they are interconnected to all life on the planet or that they are part of a global organism experiencing a massive release of negative energy, which is preventing the next evolutionary step for humanity.

It is because of this lack of understanding that we now bring this matter to your attention. The overriding vibration activated in the month of September is one of healing and purification on all levels of existence. Each month of the year contains a specific energy pattern that radiates out to all corners of the globe throughout the days of that month. But September of this year carries with it a much broader and more profound significance. It is during this month that the long awaited time of the Great Purification is beginning in earnest.

Let us take a look at how this release of darkness or density actually works on the human level. Take the example of a person who generally has been physically healthy and active becoming suddenly very ill with a kidney ailment that is debilitating at many different levels. If this person could view the illness as a necessary and beneficial release of long held negative energy possibly even relating to other lifetimes, the meaning of the entire experience would take on a very different complexion.

And if the person could realize that the healing of this illness would remove a density from the physical body replacing it with light encoded particles that would help purify the planet, the process would become a profound spiritual experience to be embraced and not feared. Another example might be someone addressing a long standing emotional issue of claustrophobia. As that fear was conquered and released through therapy, the light emanations from that person’s energy field would greatly increase flooding the immediate environment with a higher vibration of harmony and balance.

Many different kinds of purification experiences will be coming into your lives in the near future. We ask that you accept them as a great blessing since not only are they helping you rise up the spiral of life to a higher level of functioning, but they also are assisting humanity to progress on its evolutionary journey back to the Creator of All That Is. View any physical, emotional or mental problem in your life as an opportunity for personal growth, as well as a service performed for all of humanity and the planet. And know also that you are loved and supported always by the realm of Spirit!