October 2016 – The Test of Conflicting Values


We welcome you, our dear friends. There is much of importance we need to discuss with you today. The tenor and tempo of life on Earth has increased significantly in the thirty days since we last came to you through this source. Humanity has truly entered into a period of extreme turmoil and discord. The United States is positioned at the epicenter of this spiritual turbulence where it is being buffeted by numerous conflicting energies and ideologies.

The extreme weather conditions occurring are merely a reflection of the disruptive energies surfacing throughout the world but particularly in the United States. A clash of values, ideologies and personal opinions has surfaced as Americans experience the fallout from a particularly contentious presidential election. A morality play of profound significance is unfolding providing the backdrop for accelerated spiritual growth if one can define the deeper significance of what is really happening here.

As Americans focus on and identify the values that they hold most dear, divisiveness and polarity increase. This is so because there is an intrinsic duality in every belief that exists within the third dimensional force field. All life on your planet is moving towards the establishment of spiritual unity. In order to reach that state, it is necessary to contend with and overcome extreme duality of every kind. The only way to achieve unity is to overcome the divisive aspects of polarizing beliefs and practices.

For this reason, Americans are focusing on what they value and hold most dear, which is creating an energetic intensity permeating all walks of life. The United States is in the throes of conflicting value systems that are escalating daily. It is hard for many to accept that this conflict is just what is required at this point in time. The current situation is exactly what this country needs to advance to a higher spiritual level.

How can such conflict be the generator of spiritual growth you may ask? How can you truly embrace and practice unity unless you have experienced the fires of polarizing discord? The first step requires that you recognize and identify what you value and hold dear in your life. Next, you need to expose those beliefs to their opposite so that you can refine and strengthen what you care most about.

At this point, it is very important to scrutinize whether the way you are living your life is in harmony with your value system. Undertaking a fearless inventory of your values and whether you are adhering to them can be life changing on many different levels. Once you have reached a place of certainty regarding your values and how you are living them, you are ready to expose them to values of an opposite nature.

A contentious presidential race provides the arena for opposing value systems to engage in a meaningful exchange. The goal of this exercise in the human condition is working together to reach a state of unity. How can unity be reached when the value systems involved are so different and essentially conflicting? That is the heart of the matter and the test to be mastered.

Acceptance and respect open the pathway to unity. It is necessary to accept that values different from your own have a right to exist. It is also necessary to respect conflicting values even though they vary greatly from your own. Embracing polarity opens the doors to achieving a unified state. It is necessary, however, at the same time that you hold true to your values and live accordingly.

It is imperative that you recognize the ebb and flow of life on Earth. One set of values will be in the ascendancy for a given period of time, and then opposing values will become dominant. It is ever thus. So honor the process and your role as observer in the evolution of your planet. You are participating in a dance of duality that is continuous and ongoing.

One set of values will be prominent for a given period, and then will be replaced by another set of values. Differing values contribute to the fullness and richness of the human condition. Even that which seems dark and unacceptable provides a contribution since it brings forth for consideration what must be eradicated from human life. So honor what is important to you and respect what is important to others even though you don’t agree.

What we are asking here is that you view the disturbing events occurring worldwide as necessary for spiritual growth and development. Attempt to achieve a state of detachment as you navigate the stormy waters of the current period. Visualize yourself riding the wave of human evolution on your planet in a state of high well-being. You are a child of the Creator living in exciting and expanding times. Make the most of it in every way that you can.