October 2015 – Spiritual Transformation through Fire


We welcome you, our dear friends. Last month, we took a journey through time with you as we revisited information about natural disasters we had brought you ten years ago. This information is even more pertinent now than it was then. Many human beings are focusing on natural disasters as they resurface with even more power and force. Thousands of people are dealing with the impact of out-of-control wildfires and extensive flooding, which are appearing again throughout the planet.

Therefore, this month we would like to feature the information we brought you five years ago in our third book, A Spark of the Divine, regarding the spiritual transformation that occurs through the element of fire. In November, we will address the water element’s role in spiritual growth. “All continents and landmasses have entered into an extensive phase of physical transformation impulsed by the elements of fire and water. These two forces are raising havoc with the topography of the planet.”

“The element of fire is surfacing in the human condition through anger, strife, rage, conflict and war. These incendiary states raise the vibratory levels found in all life on Earth’s surface. Most people do not recognize the correlation between explosive feelings, which lead to conflict and war, and the primary element of fire; but they are directly related. Just as fire and water are bringing about the Great Purification in your physical environment, these same elements, in varying degrees, are impacting the behavior of those living on Earth’s surface.”

“It is very important to be consciously aware of the transformation underway and to embrace the positive aspects of it. In doing so, the children of Earth will utilize the maximum spiritual energies they will need to ascend the spiral of life. Each human being has a soul reflecting the essence of the Creator of All That Is. This internal spark connects and attunes to the four primary forces, which were set in motion at the outset of creation to develop and guide life unfolding in all the universes of time, space and beyond. On the third-dimensional level, these forces are called earth, air, fire and water. Every aspect of life on your planet is activated and sustained by these four forces.”

“Wildfires, earthquakes and the warming of Earth’s temperatures are directly connected to the element of fire. This element is affecting the behavior of people in every area of the globe. How many times have you seen anger, rage and strife occurring in some aspect of your daily affairs? How quickly are interpersonal confrontations occurring between individuals or groups within your sphere of influence? Do you see these same kinds of behaviors at the national or international level? Wherever they surface, they are activated by the element of fire.”

“As the element of fire increases within the affairs of humans on your planet, many seemingly detrimental occurrences will rise around the issue of fire, whether they are physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. Earthquakes, volcanic upheavals, raging forest fires, military explosions and heating of the atmosphere all fall in the category of physical fire.”

“Emotions that heat up and bring forth anger, rage, and strife often result in harm to others, but particularly to those experiencing these states. The element of fire is found in these negative emotional states as well. The physical brain processing negative emotions is impacted by an increase in activity that stresses its neuropathways, causing an overheating at a molecular level.”

“Serenity is the natural state of the soul. When excessive fire is manifesting in a human being through the expression of turbulent, negative emotions, it can impact the soul far beyond what one would think. But fire can be expressed in positive ways on the levels we have named above. In the physical environment, fire often proves to have a cleansing and rejuvenating affect. In a mature forest, fire clears out old, dying trees to prepare the ground for new growth.”

“When an individual is able to conquer emotions of anger, fear, and hatred, that person’s vibratory wavelength is raised, and a new level of human functioning is reached. The fire within hurtful emotions can increase the ability of incarnating souls to rise up the spiral of life if higher vibratory power is called upon to transform those emotions. So, you see, within the dualistic framework of your universe, everything has a positive and negative capability.”

“Fire has always been associated with spirituality since earliest times. Flames of all types have been part of ancient rituals throughout your planet. Fire increases the energy output of whatever it touches. Anger, rage and fear have vibratory wavelengths that heat and therefore expand. So do the spiritual practices of prayer and meditation.”

“In ancient India, the concept originated regarding the spiritual fire found coiled at the base of the spine, which when activated rises up to the crown of the head. It was called kundalini and was considered essential to the progress of the soul. When this spiritual fire reached the top of the head, enlightenment was attained, and a person became a realized being.”

“In other words, the individual achieved the knowledge that he or she is a child of God possessing an immortal soul on a journey of return to the Source from which it had come. Spiritual fire was the element bringing this state about. Therefore, we ask that you view an increase in the element of fire in your lives on all levels as an opportunity for spiritual growth. Whenever you encounter it, try to convert any negative expression into its higher spiritual counterpart—love and respect for all forms of life, no matter how they manifest.”