OCTOBER 2012 – Focusing – The Pathway to the Soul

We welcome you, our dear friends. The month of October begins the last triad of this momentous year of 2012, which has been long awaited by those who have lived on planet Earth. As we have said before, many cycles of varying length are converging and ending in 2012. The power of completion is being joined with the expectation of a newly emerging time, supplying an intensity of rarely seen proportions.

For this reason, many people have major issues in their lives surfacing for resolution. These issues, whether they are health, work, relationships or survival, are providing the setting for advancements in spiritual growth. The one thing that can be said at the present time is that intense focus and concentration are essential in order for incarnating souls to deal successfully with these situations.

If one were to listen carefully to the words that surface regularly in human discourse, it would be readily evident that the word focus comes up often. One of the major skills emphasized in schools today is the ability to focus on the subjects offered; so much so that students are given medication to assist then in developing this ability. Athletes in the sporting world refer often to the need for focus in order to compete successfully.

One of the primary attributes in all fields of work is being able to concentrate upon the task at hand and persevere to completion. Focusing is a primary skill necessary for accomplishing this goal. Therefore, we would like to offer you a spiritual perspective on the concept of focusing in order to expand your awareness about this pivotal issue, which is surfacing in so many areas of life.

All the examples of focusing we have given above center on the ability to place primary attention on someone or something outside of the individual. The emphasis is on developing a skill that will help achieve success in the outer world. What might not be readily evident is that this is also an important step in the expansion of spiritual growth.

On Earth, every advancement surfaces on the material plane first to show what the incarnating soul is capable of spiritually. The Internet is a good example of this reality. It illustrates the spiritual capability that human beings are on the verge of raising to a more advanced state. Souls incarnating on Earth in the future will be able to access a vast reservoir of knowledge through the power of their minds alone and will not have to rely on a physical technology to provide it.

Expanding the capacity to focus on issues in your outer world also will help you reach your sacred inner space. Many spiritual teachers have placed an emphasis on turning attention inward to connect with one’s soul essence. This act requires intense focus and concentration. It will be much easier, however, for those who have mastered the ability to focus on conditions they are dealing with outside of themselves.

Once you have learned to move with ease into your inner space, a vast new world of unexplored potential awaits you. The terrain of your inner world is boundless indeed. Your soul is the hub of your being. It is the core that activates all that you are and do. In physical fitness circles today, there is much emphasis on strengthening the body’s core. This reflects the sacred reality that everyone has a true spiritual core residing within them, which needs to be acknowledged and accessed.

The soul activates your physical being, and when it leaves your body your current life cycle is completed. Because the soul is your spiritual center, it is important to connect with it on a regular basis. The most effective way to do so is through inwardly directed meditation, a practice we have long emphasized as necessary for spiritual growth. Meditation requires focus and concentration in order to reach that sacred inner space.

The heart is the physical conduit to your spiritual core, where love manifests its highest expression. Down through time, the heart has been the symbol for human love. It is essential that you use your ability to focus so that you can attune to the love and wisdom that resides within you. In order for humanity to evolve, it must learn to act in a heart-directed way.

Let the sense of love permeate every cell of your being and radiate out into your physical world. There is such a need for it everywhere. When love is inserted into any situation containing conflict, strife or violence, it can help to reduce the darkness and negativity. Center yourself and attune to the spiritual core of your being. Release its love into your world. It is one of the greatest services you can provide at the present time.