OCTOBER 2011 – achieving physical and emotional mastery


We welcome you, our dear friends. Time for reflection and consideration of all things physical and emotional is coming to a close. It is essential that Earth’s incarnating souls begin to focus their attention upon the non-physical and spiritual aspects of life. The reality of third dimensionality is starting to wane, as more and more people are expanding their consciousness into higher realms.

Living within Earth’s third dimension is an extremely important stepping stone for souls on their journey through time, space and beyond. The density of Earth’s force field provides a fertile and powerful vibration, which accelerates soul growth. Your plane, being constituted primarily of earth and water, focuses on experiences that are based in the physical and emotional areas of life.

Look at and recognize how many of the issues in your life are related to your physical well being and emotional balance. A large number of people at this time are dealing with a wide variety of health issues, while others are struggling with the difficulty of establishing balance as they address one emotional storm after another.

From the very beginning of human habitation on Earth, people have always settled near a water source, river, lake or ocean. Water carries within its molecular structure a vibration or frequency that activates the emotional nature of those living in its proximity. For this reason, down through the millennia achieving the emotional balance required for spiritual growth has played a major role in the human experience.

As civilization has increased in sophistication, people have moved to new locales where the dependency upon water was not paramount, but the impact of water’s vibratory field has still prevailed. Take your life as an example. How many significant issues are you currently addressing that have an emotional component requiring your attention?

For a soul to move onto the next higher dimension of consciousness, that of the mental plane, it is necessary to master the physical and emotional areas of life. Because what we have just said here is of utmost importance, we are going to repeat it. For a soul to move onto the next higher dimension of consciousness, that of the mental plane, it is necessary to successfully handle the physical and emotional areas of life.

Mastering the physical aspects of life requires that one have a body that is strong, healthy and free of illness. It also is necessary that one be able to take care of the life’s physical demands in a positive way no matter what circumstances arise. The severity of the economic downturn worldwide is presenting a perfect background for the challenge of dealing with the lack of physical resources.

Having comfort or security removed from life offers a springboard to the mental level where the Law of Manifestation operates. Many in economic stress are learning to call upon their creativity and are using mental intent to assist them as they try to restore monetary balance in their lives. The basic premise of the Law of Manifestation is that by focusing a strong mental intent upon what is desired or needed, it is possible to achieve the desired results.

Now is the time for incarnating souls on Earth to move up the spiral of life to the next step, the fourth dimension of time and space. By utilizing focused mental intent to create what is needed physically in your life, you will be taking the next step on your evolutionary journey. When you need something for your physical existence, form a strong mental picture in your mind of what it is in general terms and then let it go, knowing it will take on a life of its own.

Through this process, you will learn to trust that what is for your highest good will appear in its own right time. Developing trust that you can impact your physical environment and create what you want through the power of your mind, is an essential step in the journey of the soul. Not only will this knowledge and ability sustain you through the worst of times, it will open the doors to wonders you can not even begin to imagine.

As we have said, the second step to expanded consciousness requires achieving emotional balance. How is this possible you many ask? It requires seeing oneself in a totally new context. You need to recognize that you are a soul inhabiting a human body to experience many different types of situations that will bring you to emotional balance. You are playing a role on the stage of life to learn the lessons humanity is facing on your planet.

Achieving emotional balance requires that you function in a continuous state of involved detachment. By this, we are asking that you become an observer of yourself and your world. You still can function in all aspects of life, but with the detachment of an observer, which is quite different from that of an active participant. This state of detachment means that you are involved in what is happening but with the viewpoint of one who is watching and observing instead of being emotionally connected to what is transpiring or its outcome.

Take a situation in your life that has emotional complications. Identify how you are dealing with it at the present time. Now visualize yourself in the role of the detached observer. See yourself functioning in this new way. Do these events take on a different hue and tone? If you able to accomplish this, you have introduced the energy of spirit into the issue, which will help bring you to a state of emotional balance.

Many of Earth’s people are readying themselves for ascension to the next highest level, that of the fourth dimension. The primary focus on this plane is the development of the mental body with experiences that assist soul growth. In order for this step to be taken, incarnating souls need to achieve physical and emotional mastery. Now is the time for the completion of this task.

You have spent eons in the attempt to reach this goal. You are ready for the next step. Do what you have to do to complete this segment of the journey. As you attain physical and emotional mastery, you will emit more light onto the Earth plane, irradiating the planet with waves of higher vibrational spiritual energy. What could be more wonderful than that?

The Lightbringers