October 2010 – Who Am I, and Why Am I Here?


We welcome you, our dear friends. You are in the waning phase of the year 2010. All energy proceeds in a circular motion – a truth reflected in every aspect of the natural world. The cycle is the basic blueprint for movement found on the third-dimensional plane. When one recognizes the rhythm of a cycle and is able to identify where one is in that circular pattern, life takes on a harmony and balance that is not found in any other form of knowledge.

The Native Americans used the medicine wheel for one of their most sacred teachings. Each individual’s place on the wheel reflected that person’s spiritual journey; while at the same time the types of experiences for soul growth were clearly identified. This information gave an awareness and sense of purpose that formed a context for the life in general.

Since very few people, including Native Americans, utilize the medicine wheel to gain awareness of one’s spiritual path, a disconnect exists for many that clouds the view of life’s journey and purpose. It is frequently asked “Who am I, and why am I here?” When one is able to answer this question, a certainty and understanding arises that serves as a guide for all of life’s experiences.

Let us take the first part of that question “Who am I?” We will attempt to provide an answer, which will contain a deeper spiritual meaning. Each of you is a spark of the Supreme Being. You have taken on a physical form to create and grow in the fields of matter. You have lived in different planes and locales within the universes of time, space and beyond to gain an awareness and understanding regarding the diversity of existence. You have done so by assuming many different forms in order to have intimate knowledge of God’s creation.

Presently you reside in the density of the third-dimensional force field of Earth, a beautiful blue-green planet found in the outer reaches of the Milky Way galaxy. This planet is a way station for accelerated soul growth. It offers intense experiences that provide a crucible within which an individual can expand spiritually. Living here is considered a privilege, which is eagerly sought by those who are ready to ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

Life on Earth, particularly at key junctures in its history, is difficult indeed. It is this difficulty that provides grist for the mill, as the soul is refined through trial and testing. Most people on the planet can not access their soul memory regarding the journey they have been on and what experiences they have had. Once they are able to do this, a deeper understanding arises, providing an ongoing realization of who they truly are.

A shift is occurring on your planet, since many are expanding their consciousness through the spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, contemplation and attunement. They are beginning to develop an awareness that transcends concrete knowledge and arises unsupported by facts or intellectual data. What is true is so just because one knows it. No further validation is needed.

This intuitive capability provides a pathway to direct connection with the soul essence. Once contact with one’s inner self is made on a continuous basis, personal expansion develops at an accelerated rate. The answer to the question “Why am I here?” becomes readily evident. Since each soul on Earth’s plane is meant to provide a contribution to the overall good of humanity, it is important for an individual to know why he or she is here.

Every person offers the gift of who they are and what they can add to the common good, no matter how great or small. To recognize this gift and its value moves one into alignment with the purpose for living. The reason for being here becomes clear and serves as a guide and support for every aspect of life.

So, we ask that you set aside time to go within and attune to your soul’s wisdom. Ask your inner spiritual essence “Who am I, and why am I here?” For some, the response may come immediately; for others it may take some time. If you have established an avenue of communication with your soul, you will receive the answer. To know who you are and why you are here brings a peace that passes all understanding.