October 2009 – A Time For New Awareness


We welcome you, our dear friends. This momentous year of 2009 is drawing to a close. Its energy field is waning and diminishing in the northern hemispheres. The seeds of change, sown in the spring, have produced the yield for which they were intended. The cycle for 2009 is moving to completion.

The harvest period is nearly over. The time to focus on any new awareness gained has begun. The opposite process is emerging in the southern hemispheres and can be reviewed in the early transmissions for this year. As you can see, we continually refer to and include the ebb and flow of energy fields in the information we bring you from the realm of spirit.

We do this in an attempt to have you see yourselves in an entirely different manner than you now are doing. Most people conduct their lives within the context of three-dimensional reality. They believe that physical experience is the sum total of everything in their world. Nothing could be further from the truth.

All that exists in the many dimensions of the Creator does so in pulsating fields of waves and particles that are altered continually according to the stimuli applied to them. Nothing is static and unchanging. When one accepts this concept and incorporates it into a view of reality, life is changed on every level.

Since raising consciousness is our primary goal, we will always include a description of the vibrational energy found in any situation that we address with you. One of the primary energies always impacting human beings on Earth is seasonal in nature. When one draws upon the energy field inherent in every season, life becomes smoother and more harmonious.

By adding the knowledge of cycles to this view of life, it is possible to experience the rhythms of the universe. Absorbing these rhythms and guiding one’s life by them raises the level of consciousness exponentially, which is what we are here to accomplish with you. Keeping this idea in mind, let us look at October, the third to the last month of the year. It holds a similar but opposite position to March, the third from the first month of 2009.

What do these two months have in common energetically? They both begin a different and totally new phase of development. March starts a new season of creativity and growth; whereas October marks the end of that period and a time to reflect on what has been learned. Why is this significant in the scheme of things? It is very important to be aware of the energy accompanying the beginning and ending of developments in your life.

Most people react to events and see them as random occurrences unconnected to any larger guiding principle or purpose. If they just expanded their view to include an energetic component, they would become creators of what they want in life instead of passively responding to situations impacting them without their ability to guide or direct.

Let us take this idea and apply it in concrete terms to what has happened to you in 2009. For many of you the months of January and February were preparatory in nature. One or more key developments in your life may have been starting to surface. In March and April when they began to take form, we spoke with you about how to manifest what you want within any given situation.

If you were able to do so, you handled the challenges facing you with a firm, focused will that assisted you every step of the way. For many of you, the situations you faced were a severe test in some significant manner. If you were able to use a spiritual perspective and attune to your inner wisdom, you faced the winds buffeting you with calm resolve.

We ask that you take a moment to quiet yourself. Contact that still space within that connects to the realm of spirit and ultimately to your Creator. Rest in the peace and harmony it possesses. Now review what has transpired for you this year. Was there a major development in your life during these months? How did you deal with it? Were you able to attune to and use the spiritual energies available to you at the time? Did you grow to a higher level of consciousness because of what you experienced, and can you see that it was for your highest good?

We sincerely hope that you can answer these questions positively, because you are now moving into the time of the year where the knowledge you have gained sinks into personal awareness and soul knowing. You have done your work for this cycle. You can live more spiritually aware, including what you have learned into an expanded view of yourself.

You are a child of the Creator sent forth to journey through the many realms of time, space and beyond. Your soul will continue to grow in wisdom and love throughout this divine dance of creation. Expand your view of yourself and your world. Attune to the unseen vibratory waves pulsating all about you. They are there for your benefit. Use them and enjoy!