October 2008 – Increasing Brain Function


We welcome you, our dear friends. This momentous year of 2008 is slowly winding down to its conclusion in December. As we said in January, a new nine-year cycle is beginning that will irradiate your planet with spiritual power, reaching every area of the globe. This energy will bring transformation into all walks of life and to every human being on Earth.

A monumental shift in consciousness is beginning. In the next twenty years, the people of Earth and the planet herself will begin the process of irrevocable change, as powerful waves of spiritual force impact life at many diverse levels. One of the greatest changes will be in human beings themselves, especially in the area of brain function.

For the past five months we have been bringing information to you regarding how you can reactivate and increase your personal power. We have explored focusing personal intent and healing, projecting one’s energy field, developing the gift of sight, and increasing the sense of hearing. We now would like to speak about the expansion of brain capacity. This phenomenon has started and will continue until human beings utilize a much greater portion of their brains than they currently are doing.

The right and left hemispheres of the brain are a physical reflection of the underlying duality of all life. The spiritual goal for your universe is opposing what is different until the recognition that we are all one is reached. In order to achieve unity, the conflict inherent in duality must be addressed and overcome. The human body reflects this polarity with its two arms, two legs and especially with the two hemispheres of the brain that are opposite in their functions.

The left hemisphere of the brain is linear, reality based and analytical. It deals with the concrete and practical issues of life. The right hemisphere is intuitive and holistic since it offers knowing without factual backup. It also forms a pathway to the inner soul essence found in every human being. The corpus callosum bridges the two hemispheres allowing both of them to operate and assist each other.

One of the great developments in brain expansion will be increased communication between both of these hemispheres. For long periods of time in the past, human emphasis was on the supernatural aspects of magic and mystery, involving the right hemisphere of the brain. For the past three hundred years, however, the left hemisphere has been dominant emphasizing intellectual and scientific knowledge.

Now right and left brain function have moved into balance, creating space for the expansion of pathways in the brain that have not been active for eons of time. Earlier humans were able to utilize a much great portion of the brain than currently is the case. Slowly and inexorably, however, that expanded capacity atrophied as the people of Earth sunk into ever more dense materiality. The twenty-first century on your planet is the time for this process to be reversed.

How will this transformation be accomplished? First, when one uses the right hemisphere of the brain, it connects the outer personality to the soul within, activating portions of the brain generally not operational in the daily affairs of life. For this reason, we ask that you identify what mental activities involve the right hemisphere and utilize them for your own spiritual growth and development.

Secondly, by doing the practices we have given these past five months of intent, healing, projecting energy, and expanding sight and hearing, you will be opening unused portions in the brain to register these realities. When you perform these practices that are new to you, the brain will reflect them as actual and concrete experiences, thereby expanding capacity.

Many children are being born with larger heads to facilitate greater mental activity. They are forerunners for the people of tomorrow, who will function at a much higher level in all areas of life. The purpose of the brain is to direct human affairs while the heart center projects love and respect for all. In the future, many will have the heart and brain functioning in a balance and harmony rarely seen at the present time.

As brain capacity increases, it will be possible for the people of Earth to embark upon experiences that appear impossible to those living in this day and age. This statement leads us to the third way in which brain capacity can expand. When human beings move into multidimensional consciousness, the brain will need to open pathways to reflect this new reality.

As more and more individuals journey into other dimensions, unused areas of the brain will respond and record these experiences increasing active areas of brain function. We have devoted a chapter in The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home to the fourth dimension. We described what one finds upon entering the fourth dimension and what one must do to access this very different reality

Next month, we will discuss multidimensional consciousness in more depth since it plays an integral part in the expansion of the human brain. Until then, we want to express again our love to all of you who have walked along with us receiving these monthly transmissions. You are being transformed, even though you may not be consciously aware of it, through your commitment to our Earth-Spirit connection.