October 2007 – Raising One’s Spiritual Vibration


We welcome you, our dear friends. We are here to celebrate with you the momentous times that are unfolding on your planet. We wonder if many of you are aware of the profound transformation that is occurring all about you. Turbulent change is serving as the catalyst and initiator for this transformation. Does life in general seem to be shifting and altering that which was once secure and known?

First, we ask that you look carefully at yourself. Have there been significant changes occurring in one or more areas of your life? If there have been no outer changes, has your inner awareness been altered in a manner not easily explained? Have you recently gained new insights about your relationships, work, health or anything else of significance to you?

We ask these questions now to encourage you to connect to the planetary rhythms, which are permeating every nook and cranny of Earth and causing the many changes you see about you. The Great Purification, long heralded by seers of the past, is under way. The evolutionary shift elevating life on your planet is gathering momentum and impacting all that exists on Earth – those incarnating in human bodies being the most affected.

We would like to give some examples of this shift’s impact on a daily basis. People throughout the planet are moving either short or long distances from their homes. Some are choosing to do so, and others are being forced by circumstances beyond their control. Natural disasters caused by hurricanes, tsunamis, drought, and flooding are initiating migrations of people into new, unfamiliar areas. Those driven out by the trauma of war are particularly suffering in a deep and profound way.

People who not being forced to relocate, nevertheless, may be in transition or having other circumstances creating stress and tension in their lives. Those who are not experiencing what we have described above are nevertheless being impacted at a subtle level by the intensity of events about them even if they are unaware of it. All that exists is interconnected at a basic vibratory level; so what happens to one affects every other form of life on the planet.

This statement we have just made is extraordinarily important. We ask that you reflect upon its significance. If you can incorporate it into your basic belief system, it will bring transformation at the core of your being. Whatever happens to another person anywhere in the world happens to you on a vibratory level. For this reason, the statement “We are our brother’s keeper” has a deeper spiritual meaning.

We ask that you expand the awareness of who you really are. You are not separate and alone. You are part of an interconnected energy field called humanity. Whatever happens to the least of you happens to all of you. When you raise your vibratory level, you help the rest of your fellow brothers and sisters to accomplish this also. And as you develop a calm and peaceful center within, you assist every other soul on the planet.

The greatest act of service one can perform during this period of massive change is to concentrate on raising his or her spiritual vibration. To do so will elevate consciousness on a personal level and also will contribute to uplifting the entire planet. As humanity raises itself up the spiral of life, destructive change will soften its negative impact. For incarnating souls on Earth, it will be as if they are awakening from a deep sleep where they forgot who they are and why they are here. Life on all levels of existence will be transformed.

How is one’s spiritual vibration elevated? A wide variety of spiritual practices have been created down through the centuries for incarnating souls on the Earth plane. All have at their core a vibration raising energy that is highly beneficial. Some of the most effective practices are meditation, prayer, chanting, sacred sound and dance, certain physical postures, contemplation, attuning to nature, drumming, spinning and immersion in water.

Each of these activities increases the vibratory rate within the human body and refines its molecular structure. Vibratory transformation is one of the key purposes of life. Therefore, we ask you to incorporate the practices that appeal to you into your daily life. Any one of those listed above will aid you in your spiritual growth and development and will greatly help others during this time of change and transformation.