October 2006 – Developing Clear-sighted Discrimination


We welcome you, our dear friends. Earth is entering the fall phase of the momentous year of 2006. During this season, the high energy field of the summer is starting to wane and will be replaced with the quiet solitude of the coming winter, which will serve as the seed time for next year. The events in the early part of 2006 set the theme or tone for the entire year. The spiritual energetic put in place was the theme of consolidation of power.

We have explored many aspects of power from understanding its nature to the development of personal power and how to create the mental power of intent. We want to express our appreciation to those who have followed and accessed our monthly transmissions. We are honored to be able to connect with you in a way that will hopefully expand your consciousness and assist you as you move up the spiral of life.

As we indicated last month, the great period of purification is now under way. It is essential that everything existing on Earth, as well as your mother planet herself, release long-held negativity in a massive cleansing of all individual, group and planetary energy fields. This cleansing is necessary in order for Earth to raise her vibratory resonance to a level that will be compatible with the new human species, which is beginning its period of emergence onto the planet.

During the last three months of this year we would like to speak about the human qualities needed to assist this birthing process. It is of primary importance that the people of Earth develop the ability to be discriminating and discerning about the people, events and situations that appear in life. Many pressing issues will arise impacting everyone in a variety of ways.

In order to maintain balance and utilize the precious time available, it will be necessary to be very discriminating about the people with whom one associates, the kinds of activities that fill the life and the areas where one gives energy and time. Many souls are easily distracted and follow whatever comes into their sphere of influence without real thought as to whether it is in their best interest to do so. Very few access their inner intuitive sense regarding the myriad of activities that fill their days to determine if they are for their highest good.

It is for this reason that we emphasize the importance of developing clear-sighted discrimination and discernment regarding to whom and what one commits time and energy. Not only will events of great magnitude arise in the years ahead, but also there will be ever greater demands placed upon the children of Earth as the birthing of a new world progresses. All people will need to become clear-sighted and single-pointed in every area of their lives. Unnecessary relationships and activities will strain the fabric of the soul as it progresses on its path to a higher level of functioning.

Gather with people whom your intuitive sense acknowledges as positive companions for you. If there is any sense of discomfort and uneasiness regarding a personal relationship, honor that feeling and sculpt the relationship accordingly. Do not, under any circumstances, refuse to recognize or respect your own view or inner sense of the people and situations you encounter in your life.

Always remember that we are all one, connected at the most basic level. Everyone with whom we interact is worthy of our love and respect, no matter how different or discordant their energy field is from ours. In order to deal with the many challenges that will occur in the future, it will be necessary for every individual on the Earth plane to function at a peak level of effectiveness.

To do this, energy must be conserved and focused on the people and activities with whom the greatest good can be realized. Each soul will have a different way to reach this goal. Life on your planet interacts like a beautiful, shimmering mosaic incorporating every person and event in a picture of beauty and wholeness. Each individual has a specific role and purpose to carry out in the creation of this masterpiece.

To accomplish what you committed to before entering Earth’s plane, you must learn to consolidate your power and focus with one-pointed intent on the purpose unfolding from your soul knowing. Bless and pass by any person or activity that is not compatible with that purpose. Become an instrument of the Creator’s will, playing and creating a New World for the benefit of yourself and all those living now and in the future who will come to your beautiful blue-green planet to learn the dance of love and light.