November 2016 – Weathering the Storm


We welcome you, our dear friends. We come to you at a time of great intensity in the affairs of human beings on your planet. A presidential election in the United States that has impacted people throughout the globe has just occurred. Its affect has been widespread bringing into prominence the test of conflicting values that we spoke of last month. Humanity has entered a period of turmoil and discord that will continue for some time to come.

The United States is at the epicenter of the turbulence as it is being buffeted by opposing belief and value systems. In this transmission, we will refer back to what we spoke of last month since its relevance is even more important now. The results of the election have revealed the extreme political division that exists in the country for all to see. In order for a state of spiritual unity to be reached, it is necessary to overcome duality of every kind.

Achieving unity through the polarizing conflict of duality is unfolding spiritually at all levels of life in the United States. How can such political conflict be the generator of spiritual growth you may ask? The answer is that you cannot embrace unity until you have experienced the fires of disagreement and discord. This is where the people of the United States are in the aftermath of such a polarizing election.

Political circumstances are forcing American citizens to recognize and identify what they value and hold most dear in life. These beliefs are being exposed to their opposite so they can be refined and strengthened. A contentious presidential race provides the arena for opposing value systems to engage in meaningful exchange. The goal of this exercise is working together to reach a state of unity.

How can unity be reached when the value systems involved are so different and essentially conflicting? This is the heart of the matter and the test to be mastered. It is necessary to respect conflicting values even though they vary greatly from your own. Even that which seems dark and unacceptable provides a contribution since it brings forth for consideration what must be eradicated from human life.

There is great pain surfacing now in American society as people remember and reflect upon the words and events that occurred leading to the election. Those that supported the losing candidate are experiencing loss and in some cases depression and despair while the winners are feeling exaltation unaware that it will be fleeting at best. The events that will unfold in the days and months ahead will be transformative for all no matter what their political orientation.

The current polarization will accelerate forcing many to move out of their familiar comfort zone to start considering unifying ways to diminish the intensity of events that are emerging at an ever increasing rate. The power of the current conflict cannot be maintained indefinitely. In the cyclical aspect of life, one set of values will be prominent for a given period and then will be replaced by another set of values. So honor what is important to you and respect what is important to others even though you don’t agree.

We would now like to refer to a passage written eleven years ago in our book The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home. As the United States moves through the century ahead, the best way for it to proceed is to clean and clear all the unwanted debris and corruption from its body politic. Its legacy will have much more power if it can maintain the purity and force of the concepts on which it was founded.

The Constitution of the United States was meant to provide a model for emerging nations all over the world in coming centuries. If misuse of power, corruption and greed soil the purity of the democratic principles upon which the country was founded, the positive influence of the United States will be diminished severely and will not reach the potential for which it was created.

So we ask that you honor what is important to you and respect what is important to others even though you don’t agree. Consistently adhere to the higher good no matter how strongly it may seem to be ignored by current circumstances. Remember that the underlying universal energy field of the Creator is Love. Attempt to achieve a state of detachment as you navigate the stormy waters of the current period. If you can view the disturbing events occurring worldwide as necessary for spiritual growth and development, you will be able to navigate these events with balance and personal strength.