November 2015 – Spiritual Transformation through Water


We welcome you, our dear friends. Last month we offered information regarding the spiritual transformation that occurs when the element of fire is in its ascendancy. We now would like to refer you again to our third book, A Spark of the Divine, which five years ago spoke in depth regarding the spiritual transformation brought about by the element of water. This information is even more pertinent now than it was then since there has been a substantial increase in flooding and catastrophic damage caused by water. So let us review what we said then regarding the spiritualizing function of the water element.

“The element of water is one of the four primary forces in the universe responsible for evolutionary growth. Water on the physical level provides motion, fluidity, nurturance, cleansing, and purification. It can be a gentle, quiet pond, or can unleash tremendous power, as seen in hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, and snowstorms that wreak havoc all over the globe. Here the destructive aspect of water is brought into play when it destroys a given area so that new forms can emerge out of the wreckage of the old.”

“Throughout Earth, excessive amounts of water or the lack thereof are primary conditions affecting many people. Drought conditions have been prevalent in some areas, while excessive flooding has forced people to flee their homes for safer ground. Sea levels are rising as the ice caps at the North and South Poles are melting during the planetary warming trend that has accelerated in recent decades.”

“Great storms gathering in the oceans of the world have fostered hurricanes and typhoons, which have brought large amounts of water inland, destroying homes, towns and cities with an accompanying loss of life and property. We realize what we say here is recognized by those who live upon Earth’s surface. What is not known, except perhaps by a few, is that the seemingly destructive effect of fire and water upon the planet is part of a spiritual plan to help humanity ascend up the spiral of life.”

“Earth exists within a universe created by a Divine Source of Intelligence. This Source has a spiritual plan and purpose for all its creation. The intent always has been to send out sparks from Source to move through many worlds to gain experience, knowledge and loving awareness of what it is to be a spiritual being moving through differing dimensions before returning to reunion with All That Is.”

“All life resonates to the intent of this Divine Plan. Everything that occurs is animated by a divinely positive purpose, no matter how negative it may appear. To incorporate this belief into the basic essence of one’s world view will bring a sense of peace and harmony to what is occurring, whether it is positive or negative. Death and destruction clear the way for renewal and rebirth and have a constructive role in those experiences that cause pain and suffering.”

“The energetic properties of water are having an impact on not only physical and environmental levels, but also on human emotional and psychological states as well. Souls, who are currently incarnating on Earth, are experiencing a massive realignment of their emotional and psychological natures, which is being reflected on the physical level by excessive water conditions throughout the planet.”

“This process has been in effect for over a decade but presently is accelerating powerfully and transformatively in the affairs of human beings. Emotions are an important aspect of the human psyche. They provide richness and vibrancy to the human condition. Whenever emotions come into play, there is a heightened sense of connection that adds vivid color to every aspect of life.”

“In your universe, which is governed by the Law of Duality, powerful uplifting emotional states are counterbalanced by negative emotions that shred and destroy the sense of well-being. Emotions are always changing, shifting and transmuting into a different phase, just like the flow of water through a given land.”

“Emotions are rarely fixed and unchanging. They ebb and flow like the waters of a great ocean. Currently, the entire planet is cleansing and purifying itself emotionally and vibrationally. There is an energy field surrounding Earth that contains all emotional expressions held by those who have lived on the surface of the planet since it was created. It is this energy field that is being cleansed and purified.”

“As humanity prepares for a more highly advanced human species to appear, Gaia, the great being supplying the spiritual life force for your planet, is releasing all past emotions felt by those who have lived on Earth. This is triggering a corresponding emotional release by the incarnating souls on her surface, since it now is time to bring unity, harmony and balance into the emotional affairs of humanity.”

“In order for this goal to be reached, everyone needs to take responsibility for his or her expression of negative, hurtful emotions. Wherever anger, fear, rage, depression or any negative emotions are expressed, the surrounding energy field is lowered and adversely affected. In contrast, when love, respect and acceptance are released into any given situation, a higher vibrational state is achieved.”

“For this basic reason, all individuals on Earth need to see themselves as conductors of positive, spiritual energy. Whenever they feel themselves slipping into a negative emotional state, it is best to promptly halt the process and shift their mood into a more positive one. The release and transformation of inner negative emotions is one of the most important human activities needed on the planet today. The element of water is offering assistance and support for all those involved in this important transformation.”