November 2014 – Becoming a Spiritual Server


We welcome you, our dear friends. We are approaching the end of this momentous year, which brings us to a point of reflection and review. We ask that you take time to access this year’s transmissions either on our receiver’s website or your own records if you have kept them. The topics we addressed were highly significant and of the utmost importance for you. As we said earlier, 2014 will be recognized in the future for encapsulating the themes that will be unfolding in the centuries ahead.

We said in January that 2014 would be an intense and pivotal year and requested that you prepare yourself in every way you could. We asked you to discard what no longer serves you and develop all aspects of a new and better you. We hope you have made progress in what we requested, since personal and spiritual strength was essential for living in a state of high well-being as the year progressed.

What were the major issues in your life during this time? Were you able to identify your soul’s purpose? Were there situations in your life that expanded and stretched you beyond your comfort zone? Could you sense and identify unseen energy fields circulating about you and interact within them as a positive force for good? Were you able to feel an ongoing connection to your soul essence while functioning in a state of involved detachment as differing situations occurred in your life?

Your earlier years were preparatory for entering the profound energy field of the year 2014. An important milestone was reached at the end of last year. A massive shift occurred the first week of this month. A new and powerful energy has entered Earth’s vibratory field. It is an energy that identifies and attacks every aspect of life, which is weak or unstable. Its purpose is to determine what no longer serves the evolutionary journey of incarnating souls on the planet and eliminate its continued existence.

Do not enter into a state of fear upon reading our words. This spiritual energy has appeared many times on your planet just prior to a major evolutionary step by humankind. For some time, this destructive force will hold sway and permeate all walks of life. Its purpose is to render obsolete and destroy the old ways that are fast drawing to a close. Our information is meant to prepare you and assist you to function in a state of high well-being during the times ahead.

What we are offering you is a spiritual weather map to help you see with a broader more positive view the major forces that are operating in your world. It is not easy to live in a time when the old order of life is crumbling and disappearing. It becomes truly painful if one clings to the old ways and refuses to embrace the creation of a different emerging world. The spiritualized person honors chaos as the breeding ground for great creativity while joyfully bringing something new into being.

Those of you on the spiritual path have been developing for years the tools, which contribute to a high level of personal functioning. The first step requires a comprehensive awareness of the forces unfolding all about you. It is essential that these forces are recognized as a necessary part of the higher good no matter how they appear. The second step involves establishing the stabilizing spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, contemplation and attunement as the foundation for life.

It is then and only then that a person can enter the role of spiritual server for one’s fellow human beings. Many are removing themselves energetically from everyday stresses because they cannot tolerate the intensity of what life is bringing them. It takes great strength and stability to stand in the midst of what is unfolding and offer healing love and light. This is where incarnating souls are at the present time.

You have been made aware of the forces in play on planet Earth. Over the years you have addressed the areas where you needed personal healing and have developed spiritual practices for balance and strength. Now is the time for you to step forward into a new and much different role – one where your primary purpose is to serve your fellow humans in whatever way is best suited to you and your abilities.

Your focus has to shift from a personal to a more universal perspective. It is time to become part of a human wave of creators who are emerging from the seeds of chaos to usher in a better world. One of the most joyful human conditions is the birth of something new with all of its boundless possibilities. Accept your role as midwives to the emerging world and revel in it. What could be more beautiful than that?