November 2013 – The Spiral of Life


We welcome you, our dear friends. It has been two months since we have been able to connect with you because of the events occurring in the life of the source who brings you our information. She would like to express her love and appreciation to those who contacted her even though circumstances prevented her from returning their emails. We have asked and received her approval to use the experiences of the last two months in her life as part of the information we bring to you at this time.

The intensity of living on the Earth plane is increasing at a rapid rate now. Every week another catastrophic event emerges somewhere on the planet causing displacement, physical injury or even death. Natural disasters are increasing with the most severe storm ever registered on the planet occurring in the Philippines just a few days ago. We have spoken for over a decade now about the weather conditions that would emerge after the turn of the century in order to prepare you when the time arrives.

That time is here now. Water and fire are the two elemental forces being used to cleanse and purify Earth and the souls incarnating on her surface. We repeat again that an extensive series of cycles of varying lengths are coming to a close simultaneously at the present time. The severity of what is happening is directly related to the many cycles that are ending.

Down through the years, we have offered a number of ways to assist you in becoming soul-infused and able to deal with the challenges occurring in your life. It would be beneficial to review the archived transmissions on our channel’s website in order to refresh your memory regarding how to increase your spiritual growth and development. One of the primary activities at the end of any cycle is the process of recapitulation or review. We ask that you do this now. It will imprint you more deeply than you can ever imagine.

In August, we said that it is time for the people of Earth to turn in a new direction. We asked that you see yourself as you truly are – an incarnating soul residing for a specific period on Earth in order to grow spiritually. Also, we asked you to realize that your human body is activated by an inner soul, which is the true essence of who you are. Accepting and acting with this knowledge will provide you with the strength to successfully live through whatever life brings you.

We now would like to refer back to a term we have used often in our books and monthly transmissions – the spiral of life. We have been asked many times exactly what we mean by the spiral of life. It is a spiritual concept of tremendous power and significance. In essence, it means that all life revolves in a circular fashion bringing back similar issues and challenges needing to be mastered in order to grow spiritually.

The return, however, operates within the energy field of a spiral, which raises the experience to a higher level than the last period when it appeared in the life. Each time the spiritual lesson to be learned surfaces, it is in a less intense and more benign state than the previous time it had manifested. Since one of the primary purposes of incarnating on the Earth plane is to grow spiritually, understanding the spiral of life is essential.

We have asked our channel to allow us to use what happened to her these past two months as a perfect example of how the spiral manifests in your daily lives, and she has agreed. Her town was devastated with a catastrophic flood in mid-September. Her area was isolated because the roads to the two entry bridges were washed out. After three days without utilities of any kind, she and her husband were evacuated.

They spent the next six weeks living in the homes of their three children before they were recently able to return to their home. Many houses in their town were destroyed, and most of the houses on their street sustained flooding in their basements. Miraculously, their home was basically untouched. By constantly attuning to her spiritual essence within, she was able to manage the unremitting stress of the situation, but physical fatigue was a factor.

About three weeks ago, she asked a dear friend who is an integrated energy therapist to help her process what she had experienced. The session was powerful and presented a clear picture of how the spiral of life had resurfaced for her again. She was able to see another lifetime where she died isolated and alone in a natural catastrophe that destroyed all that she loved. At a deeply subconscious level, it had left her with an unknown anxiety regarding natural disasters and a ruptured trust in Mother Earth that required healing since it affected her ability to trust in other areas of her life.

Her current experience with a natural disaster was much more benign than what she saw in her energy session. She did not lose her life; her husband and family were with her during the entire experience, and her home was untouched. By reconnecting with this other lifetime, she came to understand the significance of these two similar incidents and that a higher divine purpose was at work in these parallel experiences.

She was able to reestablish a trust and acceptance in the planet’s necessity for change and renewal. She also was able to see that everything that transpires in life is truly for the highest good even though the circumstances do not seem to indicate it. A major step up the spiral of life in her spiritual growth was achieved by letting go of fear for her physical safety and embracing a trust in the unfolding of the divine plan of the Creator.

We thank her for allowing us to use her recent personal experience to provide an example of how the spiral of life manifests on the third dimensional plane. We now ask you to view carefully any repetitive experiences or issues that have surfaced in your life. Have you noticed a diminishing of duration or intensity upon their reappearance? Have you been able to identify the spiritual lesson contained within them and been able to master it? If so, you have participated in the ascending energy field of the spiral of life.

Some of you have sought out or been able to tap into other lifetimes where you have become aware of key patterns that have repeated themselves in more than one incarnation. These experiences have great value since they provide an expanded view of who you are at a soul level and what your purpose is in life. The clearest way to access this valuable information is to quiet yourself and attune to your soul wisdom. As many great beings in the past have said, “The kingdom of heaven lies within.”

The Lightbringers