NOVEMBER 2012 – The Shift to a New and Better World

We welcome you, our dear friends. This momentous year of 2012 is drawing to a close. It has been a year fraught with challenges and unexpected events in many different areas of life. The word that epitomizes the primary energy operating at this time is shift. A shift entails moving from one position or place to another. This is what incarnating souls on Earth have been involved in during 2012.

Look about you and reflect upon the major changes you have witnessed during these past eleven months. At the national level in countries around the planet, people are identifying what values are most important to them and what values they no longer look upon as essential. There also has been a great deal of discussion about the role of government and what responsibility individuals in a country should have.

There appears to be a growing recognition on the parts of many that the political systems, which have prevailed for an extended period of time, are no longer viable in their present form and need revision. This shift in public perception is providing the catalyst that will usher in a new period of growth and development on Earth, beginning in 2013. The old ways of political, economic, social and personal interaction are changing. This transformation will contribute to a vastly different way of life on all levels in the future.

One fundamental change that can be found is the manner in which more and more people are viewing their relationship to the planet on which they reside. There is an increasing acceptance that Earth is in the throes of major climatic upheaval and disruption. The catastrophic storm that ravaged the east coast of the United States this month brought home the reality of natural disasters and the severity of the climate conditions Earth is undergoing.

We cannot emphasize strongly enough how significant this shift in public perception is. It is important that people develop strategies for coping with the changes that will occur in the land masses all over the globe for years to come. We ask that all of you seriously consider the level of safety for the locales in which you live. What steps should you take to ensure that you could manage in the event that severe weather conditions directly impact you in the future?

You are living in a time when your planet is going through a major realignment and adjustment of her energy field. The climatic conditions are an outward manifestation of the inner process of transformation at work in your world. The turbulence surrounding the negativity of the past is being released, and Earth is being purified in preparation for the new human species that is waiting to arrive.

We ask that you take the necessary physical steps to ensure your wellbeing and then consider the emotional, mental and spiritual state required to survive and thrive through the disruptions that will continue. One essential element needed for the future is a stable and sound emotional nature that can accept with equanimity whatever challenging development may occur.

We ask that you make a clear and objective assessment of your emotional nature. How do you respond when a crisis occurs in your life? Can you remain calm and address the circumstances in a constructive manner? If you cannot, we ask that you make a commitment to developing a steady emotional nature – one that can support you when you are impacted by difficulties as they arise.

A positive mental outlook is imperative in dealing with the shifts and changes that will occur. It is essential that you have a broad and comprehensive view of the dissolution occurring all about you. There is a higher good unfolding here. A new and better world is in the process of being born. All the elements of human life that no longer serve incarnating souls on Earth must be discarded and left behind.

There is an analogy that can be helpful. During the birth process, the final period before a child is born is the most intense and painful. The mother knows, however, that it is all worth it, since the completion of her labor will result in the birth of her child. We ask that you look upon the events that are occurring in your world in the same manner. You are a part of humanity’s and Mother Earth’s birthing process. Keep that view always in your mind as you move forward in the years ahead.

Finally, we would like to address your spiritual state. Earth is moving into a time when the spiritual aspect of life will be more elevated than it presently is. The people of the future will be more attuned to the sacred essence found in all life, and they will live more spiritually directed lives. Those of you living on Earth at this time are progenitors of the people who are to come.

As you focus on your soul essence by going within through the meditative process, you are establishing a bridge over which the people of the future will walk to a higher level of existence. You are building on the efforts of so many in the past, who have handed the torch on to you. It is now time for incarnating souls all over the planet to step forward. The sheer numbers of those who live with a spiritual perspective will bring about the shift to a new and better world.