We welcome you, our dear friends. The year 2011 has reached its final phase. We said in January that it would be a turbulent year, and it certainly has been. Can you now see how turbulence brings about much needed change? Can you discern the underlying purpose of turbulence and how essential it is to spiritual growth and development?

In every corner of the planet, disruption of some sort and degree has surfaced this year, causing change and restructuring at many different levels. What is occurring politically worldwide would have been considered impossible eleven months ago. People of all ages and backgrounds are demonstrating and marching asking for a new society that is more fair and just.

It is as if a new consciousness is slowly growing, one that reflects the emergence of a more highly evolved form of life on Earth. Your planet and all of its inhabitants are experiencing a shift of monumental proportions. This shift began at the end of the last century in the late 1980’s. It will reach its peak in this the second decade of the twenty-first century.

When the year 2020 is reached, it will be evident to all incarnating souls on Earth that a New World is beginning to replace the mores, culture and values of the past. Authoritarian governments and political systems ignoring the needs of their people are in the process of being phased out all over the planet. Technology providing instantaneous worldwide communication is facilitating these momentous changes.

Since the second decade of the twenty-first century is so significant, we would like to speak about the powerful thought form that has been created around December 21, 2012, the purported end of the Mayan calendar. Fear and apprehension have been growing at an alarming rate. Many movies and books are creating a high level of anxiety about the possible end of the world on December 21, 2012.

We feel we must speak to this issue even though predicting specific future events does not fall within our realm of responsibility. We often have spoken about the variability of time, which shifts and changes the affairs of humans based upon the intent and actions of those living within a particular sphere. Because there is powerful negativity surrounding the end date of the Mayan calendar, however, we feel it necessary to address this topic.

The Mayans were the timekeepers of ancient society. They had mastered the mathematical calculations necessary to count into the millions of years. They understood the importance of cycles and were able to identify and codify them into a system that helped their people on Earth understand the forces unfolding in their lives.

The Mayans created many cycles of varying lengths of time. One of their cycles consisted of an age of 5,125 years. December 21, 2012 has been given as the end date of a 5,125 year Mayan age. The conclusion of an age does not mean that life on Earth will end, as many believe. It simply means that one age is ending, and a new one is beginning with a different set of lifetime experiences.

It is important that you see the true reality of December 21, 2012 and use its energy to enhance your spiritual growth and development. All people living on Earth at this time have been here in other existences where they experienced catastrophic changes to their physical environment. The fear around December 21, 2012 is activating their subconscious soul memories causing emotional turbulence, either known or unknown.

There are a few steps we ask you to take. First, accept that the Mayan calendar is similar to the Native American medicine wheel in that it defines a period of time with basic characteristics, so that people can place themselves within it and have life situations the time frame offers. We ask you to recognize that you are living in the end times of a particular age.

Once you have accepted this understanding, let it form the background for all you think and do. Knowing you are living in the end times of an age, what are the key areas of your life where you need to incorporate that awareness? The current time frame is analogous in many ways to an elderly person who is carefully assessing all aspects of life in preparation for its ending.

Do you have specific issues you must face and bring to resolution? Are there areas in your life that you have been dealing with and want to master? Now is the most auspicious time in 5,125 years for you to do so. Earth’s energy field is rich with the spiritual assistance needed to accomplish this task. All that is required is for you to see yourself living in a state of high well being, bringing to conclusion many life experiences that have expanded you at a soul level.

As children of a Divine Creator, incarnating souls on Earth are concluding a series of life experiences in order to prepare for a new phase of human existence. When you see yourself in this way, powerful spiritual energies will be available to assist you. Fear or anxiety about the future will dissipate, because you will know that you are contributing to the unfolding of a better world.

We do not want to imply, however, that these end times will be easy. Political, social and personal turmoil will be the order of the day for some time. Climatic upheaval bringing about Earth changes will continue throughout this century. They are a necessary element in wiping away the residue of the past while humanity prepares for a new, expanded future.

When you are able to see these stressful events as a necessary culmination to the ending of this current age, you will be able to replace fear with hope and anticipation for what is coming. Once a certain number of incarnating souls are able to accomplish this task, Earth’s energy field will shift into a higher vibratory state, ushering in the beginning of the more advanced cycle of life, which is waiting to unfold.

The month of November 2011 is playing a pivotal role in this process of transition. The number 11 is a master number of high spiritual significance in the geometry of the spheres. It contains a portal for accelerating the growth of all souls within a certain realm of influence. For this reason, the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year is a time of great power.

On this day, universal and galactic forces opened a gateway that has been closed for eons. In the years ahead, it will become commonplace for beings on the realm of spirit and those living on Earth’s plane to pass through this portal with increasing ease. Also, a high spiritual frequency is now being beamed continuously through this gateway onto Earth irradiating all life on the planet. So celebrate the power of 11.11.11, draw upon it continuously, and use it in your life to enhance your spiritual growth.

The ending of this 5,125 year cycle on Earth is one of high intensity. Many incarnating souls on your planet are bringing to conclusion a series of lifetimes lived within this current age. They are weary and finding it difficult to see a positive way through these end times. They are wondering if they have the strength and stamina to continue in the years ahead.

For those of you who have been toiling in the vineyards of Earth, we have the following message. Your work has been important to the overall effort. While proceeding on your journey in the fields of matter, you have held the space for the spiritual growth of the humanity. Now there are millions all over Earth who are entering this space with you. Relax, welcome them and join in with the unifying power their presence provides. Congratulations. You have done your work well!

The Lightbringers