November 2010 – Opening the Pathway to Your Soul


We welcome you, our dear friends. We come to you at a most pivotal time. Each month throughout your year has a specific energy field, which forms the backdrop for all that unfolds during the thirty day period. It is important to know what that basic energy pattern is and how it is affecting you. We will introduce this idea to you now, and then next year we will bring you this information each month.

We have almost completed five years of monthly transmissions through this source. We have brought certain truths to you over and over again. One of them is the importance of recognizing the existence of cycles and how their vibrational energy patterns affect and imprint you. To go about your daily lives without this knowledge is akin to walking through a severe rain storm without an umbrella.

Every person on the Earth plane has a personal cycle relating directly to their soul’s journey. To know where you are on your spiritual path is extremely important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it grounds you and gives you a spiritual perspective that permeates every area of your life. Secondly, it provides stability and deeper understanding about life’s issues, making it easier to draw upon an energy that is readily available for assistance.

How do you gain knowledge about your personal cycle and where you are within it? Again, it is so very simple. Your understanding greatly expands the more you commit yourself to the spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, contemplation and attunement. We know that we speak continually about these spiritual practices, but we do so because they have such great significance.

Let us look at these four practices in order to gain a greater understanding of them. Meditation involves going within to attain that deep state of silence where one can access the reality of spirit. Prayer is primarily the act of reaching out to spirit through mental intent. Contemplation occurs when one considers and looks at something or someone in a focused way. Attunement is reached when one connects in a way that creates harmony.

So what kinds of activities enhance the practices described above? Anything that raises one’s vibratory field contributes to spiritual growth. The following are a few that do so: sitting in silence, spending time in nature, reading uplifting written works, joining with others in meditation and prayer, creative endeavors that are personally uplifting, and vibrationally enhancing music, movement and sound. In other words, whatever raises one’s level of consciousness is a form of spiritual practice.

Most of our transmissions through this source go to people whose primary energy pattern is active, outward projection in every aspect of their lives. There is very little emphasis on the quiet journey within, and yet it is this inner exploration that opens up the pathway to the soul where true wisdom and understanding reside.

Therefore, it is essential that you of the western world make a commitment to practices that run counter to how life is lived all about you. For everyone, almost all daily activities are centered on physical action. We ask each of you to look at how much time you give to silence and going within, the antithesis of how most of you live.

It is going within, however, that will eventually gain you the knowledge of where you are in your soul’s journey and what key spiritual assistance you can draw upon to enrich your life. Does what we are suggesting here seem beyond your ability to achieve? We started you upon this path last month when we asked you to identify who you are and why you are here.

The reason we continually emphasize this inner process is because you have been asleep for a long period of time. Now we ask you to lift your heads, open your eyes and look at yourselves with a new inner clarity. Can you picture in your mind’s eye people all over Earth beginning to recognize themselves for what they truly are, children of the God Force on a long journey of exploration and discovery?

It is of utmost importance for you to adopt the regular practice of moving into the silence within and attuning to your soul. When the soul leaves the body, physical life ends. The soul serves as the underlying energy force for all human existence. It is now time to acknowledge its presence and attune to the wisdom and understanding it will bring you.

The more you quiet yourself and go within, profound personal realizations will surface. We can not tell what they will be, because they will be different for each of you. What we can say is that they will transform you and the way you live. You will gain a spiritual perspective that will help you ascend to a higher level of consciousness, one that will open up vistas you can not even imagine at this time.

The energy field for the month of November facilitates the process of going within. It enhances deep inner focus, making it easier to connect with the essence that is your soul. Try to take more time this month to go into silence. Many of you may even experience your soul’s pulsating energy as you activate your inner pathway. When you are able to make this connection, you will discover who you are, why you are here and where you are in the cycle of your soul’s journey. This is singularly the most important thing you can do at the present time!