November 2009 – Remembering Who We Are


We welcome you, our dear friends. We would like to take a moment to express the love and appreciation we feel for those of you who walk along with us, as we bring you our monthly messages from the realm of spirit. This process of spiritual contact is helping to open and aerate the Earth plane with a higher vibrational frequency, infiltrating every nook and cranny of the planet.

Human beings are growing and expanding far beyond what they realize. Their bodies are releasing pockets of negative energy, which allows light to move into their force fields, purifying and strengthening them at a variety of levels. In order to reach this state, many of you have had to experience physical, emotional or mental stress during this pivotal year of 2009. At a spiritual level, these events provided you with the opportunity to release negative energy, which then was followed by an influx of higher vibrational light into all aspects of your being.

Even though you have had to deal with challenges that stretched you, the value of these tests should be clear to you now as you reflect upon the lessons you have learned. The wisdom you have gained is being absorbed into your soul knowing to be drawn upon in the future any time the need arises. Being able to see life in this manner provides one with a major step along the evolutionary path.

The energy pattern for 2009 has emphasized a major shift in consciousness, occurring throughout the human race. The past five thousand years have presented a series of life experiences for those living on your planet. Some of the key issues have been: power with its positive and negative expressions, practices regarding spiritual and religious belief systems, differentiation between constructive and destructive human behavior and how to vibrationally align with the planet.

These themes may seem to be abstract and not easily understood as one looks at the history of human interaction on Earth. We ask, however, that you defer judgment as we explore further with you the significance of what we have just said. The history of life on your planet has been predicated upon a spiritual blueprint that offers a matrix for human growth.

This blueprint provides a framework for the unfolding of a greater Divine Plan. There is meaning and reason behind every shift and change in the human condition on your planet. As people concentrate on addressing the many mundane aspects of their existence, they rarely see the deeper spiritual intent contained in these experiences.

Once people are able to make the shift to a broader recognition of who they are, from whence they have come and where they are going, they ascend up the spiral of life to a higher form of expression. The knowledge of what we have just described is beginning to enter human awareness with greater power and force. Many people are lifting their heads, opening their eyes and seeing with increasing clarity what they and their world are all about.

The inhabitants of Earth are beginning to remember that they possess a spiritual essence that infuses the life force in their bodies and generates the energetic matrix for their human expression. In earliest times, all those living on your planet knew that they possessed at their core, the spiritual energy of their Creator. They knew also that they had come into being in order to provide their Source with what it was to experience life at many different levels of existence.

We speak of this profound concept now because the twenty-first century is the time when incarnating souls will be returning to the knowledge that they had in the earliest days on the planet. They will see that they were created to take a journey of exploration, experiencing all that God had manifested in the many dimensions of time, space and beyond. After doing so, they knew that they would finally unite with the Creator, fully realized and enlightened beings, true children of the God Force.

Our information provides a gentle entry into the concept of multi-dimensional consciousness. A vast body of humanity is expanding its current intellectual boundaries to explore ideas that seemed beyond comprehension just a short while ago. The spiritual concepts we present are meant to slowly expand awareness through a process that resembles remembering. Very often, one considering our messages will experience a sense of familiarity, making acceptance much easier.

At the same time, our readers are being impulsed with waves of higher vibrational energy that help dissolve old crystallized thought patterns, providing space for new beliefs to enter the mental processes and take hold. When one is stretched too far beyond a comfort level, it is difficult to increase consciousness. Therefore, we are opening the door with love and gentle encouragement. By doing so, we provide either a brief look or an actual step through to the other side, whichever is desired.

Our information has within it a heart resonance calibration. Certain information from spirit currently is aimed at bringing about a shift in mental outlook – something sorely needed at this time. Other information, such as ours, is designed to open the heart chakra so that light and love can be beamed onto the planet with ever-increasing intensity. Both purposes have equal validity and importance in the spiritual scheme of things, because the joining of mind and heart will usher in a New World waiting to come forth. Is this not a wondrous time in which to live?