November 2008 – A Major Shift in Consciousness


We welcome you, our dear friends. It is with great pleasure that we begin this transmission for November 2008. We celebrate with many people in the United States and around the world the change of political governance, which has just occurred in that country. The spiritual significance of this event is far broader than one can imagine. The outer action taken by many citizens in the United States reflects a major shift in consciousness that has taken place on a personal inner level.

The fact that millions of voters supported the election of a bi-racial man shows that the bias against skin color is slowly fading from the human condition. This long established belief has been a major impediment to unity for eons, not only in the United States, but among people all over the world. Judging a person on the color of his or her skin is just one of the many ways in which separation and conflict occurs.

Since the underlying theme for life in your universe is the attaining of unity through the struggle of polarity, this political event in the United States constitutes a major step forward towards the realization of that goal. This election has touched people all over the world, and they have come forward by the thousands to support and endorse the candidate for change.

Many of you have recognized and sensed the monumental shift in consciousness occurring in this election. In order for change to happen, millions had to move beyond their preconceived ideas and embrace the unfolding of a new reality. Whenever the evolutionary path of human beings on the planet turns in a new direction, however, fear and uncertainty accompany the shift away from that which is safe and familiar.

We want to describe for you the pattern of vibratory energy that accompanies a change in consciousness. Inertia builds up around conditions that have been in effect for a long time. In order to change course, a powerful force needs to stop the forward movement and turn it in a new direction. We cannot emphasize strongly enough how difficult a task a major shift is energetically.

The personal spiritual work done by millions on your planet to release negative patterns of behavior and replace them with a more enlightened way of life has been the underlying reason for this monumental change in consciousness. Whether you are aware of your contribution or not, it still plays a vital role in the evolution of the human race. It is very important that you have this realization as you view the outer events that are happening in your world.

We ask that you honor your progress, which has made this step up the spiral of life possible. A change in direction is always tenuous at first. Many of those that have been deeply committed to the status quo will continue to resist what has occurred. This dynamic will be in place for some time, but the energy supporting it will continue to diminish as more and more people embrace the benefits inherent in the new reality.

Many people feel somewhat adrift and unsteady during these times. It is as if they are suddenly living in a world that is strange and unfamiliar to them, even though they helped bring it about. The old way of life has been irrevocably modified, and the new paradigm is still unclear, even though it is seen as positive.

We want to assure you that this phenomenon is natural in every way. Vibratory energy is the power source of the universe. When energy shifts, a vacuum exists that takes a certain amount of time to be filled. The strangeness a person may feel after a major shift is merely a reflection of the emptiness of the new energy field that has opened up to support the evolutionary process.

It is very important that one stay continuously connected to his or her spiritual essence after a major shift in consciousness. Peace, acceptance and inner wisdom can always be found at the center of the being. By maintaining a continuous link to the soul, one can be a constructive force in the grounding of a new paradigm, which is the task currently at hand.

The path ahead will not be easy. Many obstacles will appear along the way, but the door has been opened and cannot be closed. Be strong, vigilant and imbued with the strength of spirit. Incarnating souls on Earth’s plane are meant to move beyond the third dimension into higher multidimensional consciousness. The latest political events in the United States are a step towards that ultimate reality.

At the outset of creation, a blueprint was established for the soul. This blueprint included a plan for continually expanding levels of awareness gained through a multiplicity of experiences. The spiritual journey of the soul is moving upward towards realms that are more refined and subtle. As they progress, the people of Earth will gain a more multidimensional perspective of life. Always remember that every time a shift in consciousness occurs, a positive step has been taken for humanity as a whole.