November 2007 – Realignment of the Human Brain


We welcome you, our dear friends. For those of you living in the northern hemispheres of the planet, the period of darkness and rest is gaining greater force as the path of the sun moves into southern climes. We have said earlier that before the advent of electricity all life on Earth entered a time of dormant growth and hibernation as the amount of light was reduced.

When human beings followed natural planetary rhythms, balance and harmony were an integral part of their lives. All was in divine order. In the past one hundred years, however, this planetary rhythm has been interrupted and superseded by the invention of electricity, which provides continuously available illumination throughout a twenty four hour period.

Although electricity has proven to be a boon in many ways, it has adversely affected the pattern of light and dark, which has been a cornerstone of human life. It now will be necessary for incarnating souls to establish a schedule of rest, reflection and rejuvenation through self discipline during the coming winter months.

In the transmissions for this year, we have spoken at length about the great shift that is under way and the impact it is having on sentient life on your planet. We have presented information regarding physical illness and healing of the body and subconscious mind; and we have emphasized the necessity for raising your spiritual vibration in order to lift Earth to a higher level of functioning.

As this year draws to a close, we would like to speak with you now about the transformation and healing that is taking place within your conscious mind. Have many of you noticed in recent months that your cognitive functions and intellectual capabilities seem to be diminishing? Are you having trouble remembering what was comparatively easy just recently? Is your ability to concentrate less than it used to be? Do you feel that you are losing your intellectual sharpness and clarity?

These conditions can be found among the elderly, but now much younger people are noticing that their mental processes seem to be becoming more erratic and less dependable. This situation varies from individual to individual, but there is a definite reason why this change in brain function is currently surfacing all over the planet.

It is because the human brain is undergoing a restructuring of its neurological pathways. The impulses coming from the interior of your galaxy are causing this momentous realignment. It is now time for human beings to enter into the higher dimensions. For this to happen, brain capacity needs to expand in order to register these new experiences on a conscious level.

As we have often said, one of the most significant developments of this millennium will be the increase in human brain function. The Plan of the Creator includes a developmental pattern of ever increasing complexity for all life forms within the many dimensions of time and space. The underlying intent has always been that the path of the soul will progress from the simplest to the most advanced state so that all facets of life can be experienced in their entirety.

The expansion of brain capacity has been closely bound to the advancement in human evolution. At specific intervals, the human brain has been impulsed with vibratory stimuli that have resulted in a step up the spiral of life. The current period on Earth is one of these times.

The work of restructuring is well under way, which is why many normal aspects of brain function are not working as efficiently as before. Since the past three hundred years have been a time of emphasis on intellectual growth and development, the cognitive skills of the brain’s left hemisphere have been of primary importance.

The next step, which already has begun, is to bring the right and left hemispheres of the brain into balance and increase brain function. Any type of realignment causes a decrease in former competencies while the process is unfolding. It can be compared to the remodeling of a house. The normal patterns of life are interrupted and put on hold until the work is completed. So it is with the rearrangement of the neurological pathways in the brain.

Being able to see this process from a broader spiritual perspective provides one with an understanding of why his or her mental aptitudes and skills seem to be shifting and changing. It is important to know that these capabilities are not being lost. They are just being rearranged as the human brain takes a step forward on its evolutionary path.

Having a larger portion of the human brain operational will result in an improved way of life on Earth. Advances that can not even be envisioned today are slowly appearing on the horizon. They will come into existence through the increased mental talents of people in the future.

So have no concern if it seems as if you are losing mental abilities you have had in the past. They are still there. They are just being given a rest while your brain is going through a period of cognitive remodeling. We hope this brief glimpse into the future will help you develop the awareness and acceptance that you are participating in a human evolutionary step forward of great magnitude. Isn’t a temporary reduction in cognitive capability worth it considering the advancement in human development that is under way?