November 2006 – Developing Intuitive Knowing


We welcome you, our dear friends. The inhabitants of Earth are moving into the final phase of the year 2006. It has been a momentous year indeed, and it is not over with yet. There are still events to unfold that will expand your awareness and help you see more clearly who you really are and from whence you have come. This knowing is profound at many different levels.

We have spoken at some length during this year about power, what it is, in what form it is unfolding and how you are being impacted by it in all aspects of your daily lives. We ask that you go back over the transmissions for the year. By doing so, you will begin to discern the fundamental truths that have been coming forward for you to learn and incorporate into your soul knowing.

Our role is to bring you information from a higher vibrational level so that you can begin to see the significance of what is occurring in your lives from a spiritual vantage point. There is an ebb and flow in the affairs of humanity on your planet. The year 2006 has been one of flow. At times, the very energy field surrounding your planet has been crackling with intensity as actions and events have come forth focusing on the consolidation of power.

In order to address the issue of power effectively, it is necessary for incarnating souls to develop and hone certain personal qualities. The first is developing clear-sighted discrimination about the people, events and situations that appear in your life. The second is fine tuning your intuitive sensing skills so that you can know at a deeper personal level what the highest good in any situation is.

We can not emphasize strongly enough how important it is for you to access your intuition as you consider what is occurring in your life. Intuition is a capability activated through the right hemisphere of your brain. When in use, it provides an inner knowing without any supporting factual data. The right hemisphere of the brain also is the entry point for the pathway to the soul.

When one draws upon the intuitive sense of knowing, one is receiving direct communication from the spirit of the Creator within. We are not negating the importance of concrete, factual knowledge supplied by the left hemisphere of the brain. This brain function is essential to living a balanced, effective life. But the bridge to the spirit within is reached through the practice of establishing inner knowing without any outer confirmation or assistance.

Why do we place such importance upon the intuition? We do so for the following reasons. First and foremost, as we have said, you are receiving the highest quality of information available to you as a human being. Secondly, the process is instantaneous. Knowing comes like a flash of lighting and just that quickly. Thirdly, it contains a high level of accuracy because of the advanced wisdom of its source.

Finally, the primary reason for developing your intuitive skills is because they will be sorely needed in the months and years ahead. The inhabitants of Earth are taking a major evolutionary step forward. In order for this to happen, much has to be released and removed from the planet and the lives of those living upon her. You have entered into an extended period of dissolution and change.

The ability to cope and deal satisfactorily with the ensuing upheaval will be of primary importance. Time will be of the essence in decision making. You will not have the luxury of research or extended consideration regarding important decisions you must make. You will need to draw upon your intuitive sense as to what is the right course for you. And you will need to be able to do it promptly in the situations that will come to you.

You may wonder how you can develop your intuitive skills. It is very simple. It involves three basic actions: attuning, listening and trusting. To develop intuition one must attune to the soul essence within. The primary way to accomplish this state is through prayer and meditation. The act of quieting one’s mind and going within to connect with one’s higher self is a necessary first step in activating the intuitive process. Then through intense concentration, one must listen carefully to what is coming into conscious awareness.

Finally, through testing the information received, one will arrive at a state of trust in the importance and accuracy of inner intuitive knowing. Developing this trust will take time depending upon the nature of the individual. For this reason, we ask that you consider carefully what we have said here. The need for accurate intuitive knowing is growing day by day.

We ask that you consider our request. The new human species beginning to emerge on Earth for which you are the pioneers will have advanced intuitive capabilities. They will be hardwired into the DNA as a basic human attribute. So not only will developing your intuition be of practical assistance in your daily lives, you also will be helping create a new human template for future generations. Does that not provide the motivation to begin?