May 2017 – Managing Spiritual Energy


We welcome you, our dear friends. We feel it a privilege and honor to be able to connect with you as we have been doing for an extended period of time. It is becoming more common for us to be in contact with your realm even though we exist on a dimension different than yours. It is a sign of the transition that is gradually unfolding for incarnating souls on Earth. For many long eons, dwellers on your planet have existed within a three dimensional matrix that provided the framework for all human experience.

Those incarnating within the third dimension have chosen to live lives requiring major effort. Your plane of existence provides a proving ground for accelerated spiritual growth because of the many tests incarnating souls are required to undertake. To live within Earth’s energy field is to embark upon lives of challenge and intensity, which accelerate spiritual advancement. When a soul incarnates on your planet, it is an indication that the soul is ready for major spiritual expansion.

It is very important that you recognize what we have just said here. There is a tendency among many of you to feel that life is filled with burdens that are too heavy to bear. We ask that you change that perception and instead adopt a different view of yourself and your world. You are a mature soul who has agreed to live within an energy field that will test and try you so that you can expand spiritually. It is as simple as that.

It is imperative, therefore, that you draw upon the help you need to weather the storms of life on Earth. Beings from other dimensions surround your planet to provide assistance when needed. There has been a long standing tradition down through the ages regarding angels supporting humans as they face the challenges of life. Many examples continue to surface regarding these divine interactions. We serve in that angelic capacity.

We ask that you take time during periods of quiet introspection to sense the presence of spiritual assistance, which is available on a continuous and ongoing basis. As the intensity of life continues to accelerate, you will require spiritual support to weather the challenges confronting you. That spiritual support will guide you and uphold you as you move into a higher state of consciousness.

Some of you are being intensely tested by the circumstances of your life. This testing is draining your energy and physical strength. Instead of viewing this situation negatively, we ask you to welcome the demands being placed upon you as an opportunity to grow spiritually. There is assistance readily available for you if you just open yourself to it. You need to develop a new regimen to sustain you when you feel yourself becoming physically drained by the demands placed upon you.

What we are referring to here is an infusion of spiritual energy at the time when the energy loss is experienced. When a state of physical exhaustion occurs, take a few moments to remove yourself from outer functioning and go within. Breathe deeply and rhythmically and visualize an energy field readily available to you. Draw in that strengthening energy and bathe in its uplifting properties. This simple exercise can take literally a moment or two but can revitalize you at a deep level.

Whenever you feel your strength waning, take a brief moment to draw upon the assistance that is right there for you to take advantage of. Consciously visualize a healing energy entering your body to strengthen and renew it at all levels. For some of you, it will be necessary to utilize this simple exercise more than once during the day. It may seem that what we are suggesting here is of little value. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What we have offered here is a profoundly important exercise for living on the third dimension. By consciously drawing in spiritual energy to strengthen you, you are moving out from the confines of three dimensional life into the next higher dimension surrounding you. You are ascending into a more refined realm of consciousness – one that draws upon more sophisticated energy fields for support.

As you perform this simple but profound exercise with regularity, your perceptions of life will start to change. Your intuitive knowing will increase as will other physical capabilities. You will find the strength to undertake the demands being placed upon you. Understanding regarding your true role for existence will become more evident, and your capacity as a human being will increase because regular infusions of more refined spiritual energy are transforming you at a deep level.

This is why intensely disturbing events in the outer world have a positive purpose at their core. They force us to seek assistance that might not have been solicited when life is unfolding smoothly. Addressing crises requires full attention and resolution. Drawing upon spiritual energy for strength opens up the being to infusions of vibratory fields that uplift and sustain. As the old world dies around us, the beginnings of a new world are slowly appearing. Drawing on spiritual energy for assistance is one way to facilitate this transition.