May 2016 – Major Themes for This Millennium


We welcome you, our dear friends. Often we have spoken about the importance of recapitulation and review of key issues in the life during periods of spiritual growth. Reconsideration of the life journey at intervals is part of the evolutionary human process. Therefore, as we approach the midpoint of the year 2016, we would like to take a moment to look at the major themes for the new millennium we brought you ten years ago in our second book, The Higher Dimensions, Our Next Home.

“We would like to speak now about the coming times, a subject that is of great interest to the inhabitants of your planet. By the beginning years of the twenty-first century, it became evident to most people that extremely negative events were growing in magnitude and force. It seemed that people’s lives were escalating out of control, causing deep anxiety and uncertainty for those souls living on Earth during this period. We would like to reassure our readers that all is in Divine Order and perfect in the higher scheme of things.”

“The opening decade of the twenty-first century is meant to be a time of trial and testing for all inhabitants of Earth in a wide variety of ways. This century is a birthing time for this new millennium and contains all the elements of the next one thousand years in microscopic form. The issues humans will face in the first one hundred years will serve as a template for the remaining nine hundred years. At the end of the twenty-first century, the major themes for the millennium will have been put in place energetically. This current period is pivotal in the affairs of souls incarnating on Earth. You are part of a creative process that is establishing the blueprint for this millennium.”

“What will be the themes for the thousand-year period that has just begun? There are three that will surface continually through these years in varying circumstances. The first is the issue of love for the Earth with all her many diverse life forms. The prevailing wisdom of indigenous tribes throughout your planet recognizes her spiritual essence and honors her for the gift of life she has given those who live on her surface. This love for and connection to the Great Mother must become an underlying tenet for all people. When incarnating souls acknowledge their responsibility towards Mother Earth and become dedicated to her in a harmonious way and supportive way, a major point in the spiritual growth of the planet and her people will have been reached.”

“The second theme will be the need for love of one’s fellow humans, as well as for all life forms existing on the planet. In order to reach this state of unconditional love, certain behavior and acts will have to cease. The issues of anger, hatred, warfare and greed need to be faced and eradicated from the human condition. For many eons, these detriments to spiritual progress have surfaced over and over again. Ever so slowly, however, the inhabitants of Earth are starting to see more clearly the harm these conditions cause. There is a growing recognition that a positive way must be found for interacting with each other. As incarnating souls attune directly to their soul wisdom, the dark energies spawning hurtful actions toward others will dissipate and be removed from your planet.”

“The third theme of the next one thousand years will be the increasing abilities of Earth’s inhabitants to access higher dimensions of time and space. At the end of the next one thousand years, the inhabitants of your planet will have become multi-dimensional travelers and citizens of the galaxy. In the future, Earth beings will venture out into the farthest reaches of space, exploring and seeding future worlds, beyond the knowledge of science at the present time. Travel, however, will not be limited to outer space alone. Human beings will gain the ability to go within and access higher dimensions of reality in a wide variety of ways. Their expanded brain capacities and spiritual capabilities will provide the launching pad for inner exploration. The twenty-first century will set the tone for these events.”

“As human beings attune to spirit through meditation, prayer and contemplation, they will change physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. It is increasingly important that this process is understood. One cannot constantly be in contact with a higher energy source for an extended period without significant changes occurring at all levels of the being. Physically, the body becomes stronger and healthier. Illness becomes a rarity, appearing more as a release of old karmic patterns and situations than sickness caused by the current life.”

“Whether one is aware of it or not, the actual physical structure of the body is transformed. If one accesses many different sources of healing, the body’s endocrine glands rejuvenate and clear themselves. Restorative forces from the realm of spirit are of assistance many times without one being conscious of them. In addition, continuous meditation over an extended period activates the body at a cellular level, renewing all bodily functions.”

“As more humans work on emotional healing, it will have a profound affect upon them. The depth of the healing extends into the personal memory bank located adjacent to the spinal column in the energy body surrounding the physical form. Every soul, in or out of incarnation contains the knowledge of all accumulated experience. As a soul heals emotionally, the content of the memory bank is restructured, which assists the soul in ascending to a higher form of

“While one heals emotionally, the psychological state improves and elevates, which in turn affects one’s world view in profound ways. The changes that occur shift paradigms and directly impact one’s behavior, creating major personality realignment, closer to the true soul essence. As one heals and expands physically, emotionally and psychologically, the soul essence receives the benefit of more powerful energy emanations, which bring increased molecules of light to all levels of the being. Each soul ascends up the spiral of life by doing the work essential to spiritual advancement, no matter where or in what context the growth occurs. You have our honor and respect for all that you are and all that you will be.”