May 2015 – Love of Self


We welcome you, our dear friends. We come to you at one of the high points in the year. May and June are times of powerful spiritual influx on your planet. This sixty day period features an increase in positive vibratory energies emanating from the center of your galaxy. Compassion and love are elevated in every area of life even though very few are consciously aware that this phenomenon is happening.

During the full moons in May and June, there is a major release of the spiritual energies manifesting love and compassion. We ask you to review carefully the past two weeks. Have there been circumstances or conditions that surfaced in your lives emphasizing love or compassion? Has this period been lived with a greater intensity than you usually experience? Or have you been able to view love and compassion surfacing in the life of someone you know?

In the future, the year 2015 will be recognized as a most significant and auspicious time. It will become evident that many different types of events brought a shift of major proportions in the lives of people, groups and nations. What is seen by only a very few is the impact spiritual energies are having in orchestrating the step forward humanity is taking. A growing number of people, however, are becoming aware that there is a Divine Plan guiding and directing incarnating souls on Earth.

Our assignment as a group soul is to bring information to the people of Earth,which will raise consciousness. We bring information that illumines, enlightens and accelerates spiritual growth. We extend our deep appreciation to those who have received our words down through the years. Last month we spoke to you about achieving unity thorough the challenge of duality. There is a stance that will accelerate unity wherever duality surfaces. It is living in a continuous state of love and respect no matter what the circumstances.

Whenever you are able to feel love, you emit a powerful energy field that sustains and uplifts others. In order to project love to others, however, you must first be able to love yourself. Most people are able to love and support others in their lives but fail to recognize the need to love and nurture themselves. The foundation for a strong and steady persona is the ability to attune to your personal state and care for yourself as carefully as you would for someone else.

Yes, we are asking you to focus with love and compassion on yourself. Take a personal inventory regularly of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Meditate and access your soul wisdom, which knows exactly what is for your highest good. If you do not love and care for yourself, you will be unable to reach the highest level of service to others.

A physical ailment will be a sign that you have personal work to do. Know it is an indication that some area of your life needs attention, in order for you to reach maximum ability to project love into the world about you. So often in the discussion of love, the focus is always outward. What we are asking here is for you to go within and ask your inner soul wisdom “do I love myself?’

Love of self is the prerequisite for loving others. If you do not know how to love and care for yourself, you will be unable to manifest love for others to the degree you would like. For so long, there has been an emphasis on eradicating selfishness. This emphasis has impeded the ability to develop a caring for oneself, since it often has been viewed as being selfish. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Being soul-directed requires caring and nurturing self while loving and respecting others. It may seem strange that we speak of these matters while life all around us is in varying states of turmoil. This condition is so for two reasons. Powerful spiritual energies are impacting your planet with the specific intent of breaking up old negative patterns of behavior so a new and better world can emerge. Also, incarnating souls on Earth are preparing to make a major step up the spiral of life to a higher form of consciousness.

In order for this step to occur, love, respect and compassion must become more widespread in the affairs of humans; and it must start with self. It is imperative that you make this shift so that your personal spiritual growth can occur. Take a brief moment each day to go within and ask your soul wisdom if you are loving yourself. If the answer is no, please determine why and move to address the situation.

Trust what is unfolding in your life as part of a greater Divine Plan that always is for your highest good. If you can come from a state of love for self as well as others, you are manifesting your true spiritual nature. You are living a soul-infused life reflecting the primary essence of your Creator. In addition you are loved and supported always by the realm of spirit.