May 2013 – Accessing the Power of an Eclipse


We welcome you, our dear friends. The month of May is one of the most significant times within the yearly cycle. There is an implicit power emanating from the center of your galaxy during this thirty day period, which brings an acceleration of soul growth for those who are able to attune to its higher frequencies. Each month in the yearly cycle has a specific energy field for those who are dedicated to progressing up the spiral of life.

The overriding theme for the month of May is one, which manifests in heightened issues around what people value and how they are able to structure their life to manifest what they care about. The energy field of May is focused on the ability to create in the physical world what is held at the level of desire and idea. There is great power contained in Earth’s energy field at this time.

During the second week of this month, there was a solar eclipse and new moon occurring on the same day. There is a three day window at the time of a solar eclipse when spiritual energy is at its highest. Look back at the 8th, 9th and 10th of this month, the three days surrounding the eclipse, and reflect upon what was unfolding in your life at this time. Did you experience an increased awareness regarding what you value in life and the degree to which you are creating or not creating it?

Last month, we spoke about the importance of establishing a celebratory ritual in which you connect with the vibratory spiritual energy that exists all about you and affects you in countless unseen ways. You may have wondered why we chose this topic during the month in which the Boston Marathon explosions killed and wounded so many. Why did we not address this horrific act and present a spiritual perspective regarding the significance of what happened?

You see, however, we did exactly that by showing you an act, which would ground you whenever tragedy strikes. By establishing a celebratory ritual in which you go within, connect with your soul essence and bathe in the healing energy of spirit, you strengthen and solidify your personal base of power. From this base, you are able to view with equanimity human acts that generally destabilize the majority of people when they occur. You are able to have a greater understanding regarding the unfolding of the Divine Plan.

As you view the tragedy of the Boston bombings, are you able to discern the positive elements surfacing within the chaos? The caring and bravery of the people directly affected demonstrated clearly the beauty of the human spirit. This is why the solar eclipse following this painful event was so significant. This eclipse unleashed intense spiritual energies, which were intended to focus incarnating souls upon what they valued and what they were doing to establish these values in a concrete way.

This is why we ask that you take a moment to reflect upon the three days surrounding the solar eclipse that occurred this month. Did you experience a shift in thinking or heightened awareness of any kind? Did something occur that provided you with a moment of clarity regarding your life that you did not have before then? If you can answer yes to our question, then you attuned to your inner wisdom and gained information that will be of value to you in ways you may not be able to see at the present time.

Our primary purpose has always been to provide you with the awareness that you have an immortal soul encased in a human body. You are on Earth to experience the density of the third dimension, because it has an energy field that accelerates soul growth. You live in a point in time when accessing your soul essence has to be done by you individually. There is no unified practice established by the society in which you live to accomplish this goal. The responsibility rests solely with you.

Even though outer circumstances may not seem to reflect a higher spiritual purpose, we assure you that it is always there. Every challenging event in your life contains a kernel of wisdom regarding your soul’s journey. It is up to you to find the pearl that reflects the true meaning of what is occurring on the outer level. Mind force is always valuable, but knowledge gleaned from the soul provides the true source of wisdom that will serve as a guide in all of your affairs.

So we ask that you pay attention to the thoughts and inner knowing that come to you. They have much more significance than you may realize. When you suddenly know something without any corroborating proof, you have established an intuitive awareness that will lead to the wisdom of your soul. Spiritual leaders in the past have always stated that the kingdom of heaven is within, and it truly is. Go within and experience the glory of that inner world. It is only a heartbeat away!