May 2012 – The Cycle of Birth, Life, Death and Rebirth

We welcome you, our dear friends. The month of May in the Northern Hemisphere contains great vibratory power, which can be drawn upon by the inhabitants of Earth to advance their spiritual growth. Since the earliest days of human life on your planet, people in the throes of the spring cycle have created rituals and ceremonies to celebrate the emergence of new life.

This cycle of reappearing life and death is the cornerstone of the human experience. The path of the incarnating soul on Earth is one of birth, life, death and rebirth. There is no better time to understand this reality then during the month when its greatest manifestation appears. For this reason, we ask that you look about you with a more discriminating and discerning eye.

New life is emerging in the plant and animal kingdom providing many with a sense of gladness and joy. What was dormant and apparently lost is being reborn again. For most people, the new growth of spring is accepted with no thought given to the deeper spiritual significance it has for them personally. It is simply taken as a matter of course and given no special significance.

What is unfolding at an unseen level, however, has profound import for souls incarnating on Earth. The blueprint for the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth provides the template for the soul experiencing the life lessons of the third dimension. When new growth emerges in the plant kingdom from what appeared dead, at a deeper level a picture is given reflecting the soul’s journey through time, space and beyond.

More and more people are becoming aware that they possess a soul essence at the core of their being. This soul essence came into existence with the creation of all life and will continue to exist, since it is a unit of dynamic spiritual energy, which never dies. How many of you really believe that you are a spiritual being journeying through the vast reaches of time and space to experience the many wonders of the Creator’s world?

It is now time for the knowledge of who you really are to surface in the minds and hearts of those people living on your planet. To realize that you are born, live, die and are reborn elevates one to a higher level of consciousness providing the opportunity for newly expanded areas of life. Just look at how most people view death. It is a frightening event to be staved off at all costs with very little realization that it is just an ending to one chapter of life before another one begins.

In our latest book, A Spark of the Divine, we asked you to expand your perspective on death and the dying process. We said that death is the completion of but one period in a long and beautiful account of the soul’s journey. We asked you also to accept that life is the process by which the soul experiences many diverse aspects of the human condition. There is no beginning or no end to the life of the soul. Everything in the universe is energy in motion.

Learn what the death experience truly is and not what it appears to be in its outer manifestation. You are a child of God on a journey of ultimate reunion with your Creator. You are gathering wisdom and knowledge through many lifetimes by experiencing the different elements of what it is to be human. When you become aware of your soul’s existence, you will have reached a state where you can co-create with the God Force.

You may ask why we deal at this time with the question of death and rebirth. We do so because the people of Earth are in the midst of completing many cycles of varying length from 2,000 to 500,000 years. The fact that so many of these cycles are converging together at the same time makes this period on your planet one of powerful intensity. Completion is often equated with death in the minds of many, and so we feel compelled to address the concept of death and rebirth now.

Large numbers of souls are choosing to leave Earth at this time, which is another reason we feel the need to address this topic. Many lives are ending by one means or another. Therefore, it is imperative that those of you, who are being touched by death or completion of some sort, understand the deeper significance of what you are living through. You are having the primary spiritual experience Earth has to offer – that of birth, life, death and rebirth.

As we have said before, operating out of an awareness of your spiritual essence will move you into a greatly expanded capacity for life. All the lower emotions of fear, grief, anger and guilt cannot exist in this rarified vibratory field. This state of elevated consciousness, which is love and joy, is the true nature of the Creator and the birthright of every incarnating soul. Honor and accept this spiritual principle, it will help you achieve a state of high wellbeing in the days and years ahead.

The Lightbringers