May 2011 – Connecting to the Power Source of Creation


We welcome you, our dear friends. For all of our readers who live in the northern hemisphere of Earth, the world about you is coming alive with growth and promise. New life is appearing and accelerating throughout these areas of the planet. The energy field that forms the background of existence is increasing in size and intensity, as a cycle of growth begins again.

Are you able to feel the increase in vibratory waves unfolding about you? One of our areas of emphasis over the years has been the importance of your attuning to and identifying the energy field, which is currently manifesting. When you can merge with and draw upon the spiritual energy emanating from your area of Earth, you will have taken a major step up the spiral of life.

For all existence unfolds within a vibratory matrix of waves and particles that ebb and flow, activated by a divine power at its center. This power resides within everything, no matter how great or small, and has a pulsation that forms the background of all that lives. For this reason, it is essential that you accept the reality of its continuous presence and influence in every area of your life.

Once you are able to do so, you will be instantly connected to the power source of creation. You will feel the joy of deep spiritual connection to everyone and everything. You will know at a primal level that you never have been and never will be alone. You are an integral part of a divine symphony of the spheres, which has been in existence since the beginning of time.

How does this information have any practical significance for everyday life? Does the knowledge that we are directly linked to the Primal Source of the Universe have any relevancy to the challenges and trials so many are facing? When you arrive at the point where you can answer these questions, you will have reached a significant place on your spiritual journey.

To view yourself as living within the boundaries of three-dimensional life alone is profoundly limiting in every way. It is as if you were enclosed in a box with no windows, unable to see the vibrant panorama existing all about you. There are many other dimensions continuously interacting within your immediate sphere, but they require a different vibrational frequency to see and recognize them.

It is now time for you to attune to these higher frequencies, draw upon their energy field and step out of the box you have been living in for so long. Much of the discord and destruction appearing all over the planet has the fundamental purpose of shattering the old reality, so that incarnating souls can move into higher realms of functioning at all levels.

Are you experiencing financial or health problems, the severing of relationships, the deaths of loved ones, natural upheavals, or shifts in the basic foundations of your life? We say this with all due respect. How fortunate you are indeed! The intense turbulence of these situations can provide the catalyst for bringing about a change in your consciousness.

For those of you who do not have any of these situations occurring in your lives, we would ask if you are feeling an urgency to open up to new concepts of living and being. Do you feel as if you are changing in fundamental ways you have never experienced before? Are you starting to hear sounds or see colors or shapes others do not? If so, your consciousness is expanding into more subtle realms of vibratory awareness.

Are you beginning to know about people and situations in your life without any factual backup to support that knowledge? Are you being drawn to natural settings and feeling a deeper connection to Earth at a primal level? Are you starting to feel more compassion and love for others, while learning to cherish and love yourself?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you are in a period of expanding consciousness. Take a moment to celebrate your progress and the work you are doing. Now we ask that you take one more step. See yourself as a spark of light in a vast field of other sparks circling around an immense Creative Force, which is continuously emanating powerful streams of love and light.

Breathe deeply and rhythmically as you sink into the peace and contentment that comes as you experience yourself as an integral part of the universal symphony of life. All that is occurring to you is for your highest good and will contribute to your ultimate soul growth in ways that you cannot currently perceive. Aren’t we fortunate to be a part of this divine dance? Let us celebrate. We are here, and we are alive! What can be more wonderful then that?