May 2009 – A Time for Creation and Renewal


We welcome you, our dear friends. We come to you this month with a very important message. But before we begin, we would like to take a moment to speak about this transmission process we have been engaged in over the past months and years. Communication between different dimensional levels has existed since the beginning of life in your universe.

Emerging worlds have been interactive and interconnected from the outset of creation. A primary characteristic of any life form is that it is linked to everything else contained within the universal plan. This basic element of existence has remained constant since the beginning and continues unchanged to the present day.

We are on a different vibrational plane than that of Earth but can interact with individuals on your planet who are open and believe this kind of communication is possible. Those of you who have followed our monthly transmissions and have read our two books, Dreaming a New World and The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home, have received information from spiritual entities living on another plane of existence.

In Dreaming a New World, we spoke about our mission on Earth at this point in time. We said that our assigned task is to bring to the souls on this planet information needed by them to raise consciousness. Simple, is it not? But it is so sublime at a deeper level of understanding. Therefore, any interaction between you as incarnating souls on Earth and ourselves on another realm has profound importance beyond what seems evident to the current level of human awareness.

We repeat again that any new comprehension is paradigm altering in many ways, seen and unseen. A shift occurs at a basic cellular level, as the mind records a new pathway in the brain. When the individual accepts new information and experiences a change in perception, there is an expansion in the database of the soul.

We want to review this underlying premise to reinforce and explain again the significance of our interaction with you. Down through the ages, there have been occasional individuals who have been able to connect directly with spiritual realms. At the start of the twenty-first century, however, as humanity moves up the evolutionary ladder, the number of people being able to do so has increased significantly.

Many are experiencing an opening within themselves, providing fertile ground for the introduction of new and formerly unexplored ideas. So it is that the seeding of humanity is being accelerated and impulsed from the spiritual center of your galaxy. Think of this phenomenon as a process of fertilization. Earth is like a garden that currently is going through a weed removal and enrichment phase, preparatory to the next step of planting.

All the old weeds of hatred, greed, warfare and corruption of body, mind and spirit are surfacing for removal. This is why there is so much anger, hostility and darkness abroad in the world at the present time. To most, it appears as if civilization is deteriorating into to its lowest common denominator. Life, at many levels, seems to be in a process of dissolution.

We ask you, however, to take another look, because nothing could be further from the truth. We would like to use the analogy of the garden to provide a picture of Earth’s present condition. Picture in your mind a garden after a long winter where the soil is filled with the residue of weeds and remains from the previous growth. Before any new crop can be planted, the soil must be cleaned and cleared – and that is what your planet is experiencing on every level.

In the next two hundred years, the physical configuration of many lands will be altered all over the globe. Rising water levels, volcanic and earthquake activity and significant climate change will transform certain areas beyond recognition. What appears to be destruction is simply the preparation needed to revitalize the planet for a more advanced form of human expression.

As populations migrate to new areas of settlement, an intermingling of people will occur. Current prejudices against those with different racial characteristics will diminish and disappear, because skin color will become more similar. Different values and practices will merge creating innovative cultures that will provide a framework in which human beings can advance spiritually.

Why do we speak of these matters at this time? We do so, because during the month of May powerful hidden energies for creation and renewal spring forth in the northern hemispheres. Look about you. Trees and bushes are leafing out, grasses are growing and flowers are starting to bloom. Have you ever thought about the forces that produce such an outpouring of new life?

Take time to reflect upon this period of rebirth occurring each year on your planet. It is a promise from the Primal Force that life always renews itself. Just as individual souls reincarnate, different cultures providing arenas for human growth and development appear and disappear. Everything in the universe is in the process of interactive change. All of life cycles and recycles in a kaleidoscope of waves and particles reflecting back the beauty of its Creator.

Start to see yourselves and your world within the context of life, death and rebirth, a similar process to that found within a garden. Know that your world is preparing itself for a new cycle of productive flowering. All that appears to be dark and painful on the planet or in your personal life is just the surfacing of weeds that need to be removed before new luxuriant growth can appear.

We ask those of you living in the northern hemispheres to contemplate with careful consideration and thought this phase of your life. Identify and state with focused will in positive terms what you want your life to be. Expand this intent to include all those within your sphere of influence, your country and the world at large. Draw from the powerful energies in nature manifesting now. See yourselves as participating in the creation of a new global garden for the future. Now is the time for this endeavor to begin!