May 2008 –The Power of Mental Intent


We welcome you, our dear friend. The northern hemispheres of your planet are moving into the springtime of the year where the creative processes of nature are emerging again. Since Earth with all its various life forms is governed by the forces of duality, the southern hemispheres are experiencing the opposite. They are entering a more quiescent time where life hibernates and prepares for the next period of rebirth to appear.

The ongoing cycles of creation and renewal occur on all planes and within every dimension. By observing and recognizing this energy flow, one can tap into the underlying rhythm of the universe. In the many fields of existence, life springs forth and then recedes into a dormant or inactive phase until the next cycle of manifestation occurs.

We are speaking of this phenomenon now because it is time for the inhabitants of Earth to be reacquainted with the ability they have to manifest and create in their three-dimensional world. In order to do so, they must first know that the process of creation contains certain immutable and recognizable steps. Very few individuals are aware of the fact that they can manifest and create whatever they desire or need by identifying what they want and focusing their mental powers on the desired result.

The people of Earth are entering a sustained period of accelerated turbulence in all areas of life. Many will be buffeted by coalescing forces that seem beyond their ability to manage or control. Governmental and political processes appear unable to resolve major problems that many countries are facing. People all over the planet are struggling to retain economic self-sufficiency, putting a grave strain on other areas of their lives.

Longstanding psychological and emotional issues are surfacing causing much pain and suffering. Increasing geophysical disturbances with accompanying natural disasters will become even more prevalent than they are today. Earth, the mother home for millions, is going through a process of initiation to raise her vibratory field in preparation for the new human species that will inhabit her living space. In doing so, great stress is being put upon all life on the planet.

Very few people are aware of the massive impact these conditions are having on them and their lives. Fear and anxiety are becoming two prevalent emotions incarnating souls on Earth are experiencing. People all over the planet see themselves and their lives as spiraling out of control. In reality, however, nothing could be farther from the truth. All is in divine order and unfolding just as it should.

The people of Earth are simply going through the intense preparation required when an evolutionary step of great magnitude is under way. This current time is one of death and rebirth where the inhabitants of Earth are learning to deal with these fundamental issues of human existence. Out of the death of the old comes the birth of the new. By experiencing these profound issues, individuals develop an understanding and trust that raises them to a more advanced awareness of what it means to be human.

Knowing how to manifest and create a positive path though these difficulties is essential at this time. No matter how complex or challenging life can be, it is possible to weather the storms of life by manifesting through the power of mental intent. This capability can be compared to riding the crest of a giant wave above the crashing surf and undertow that threatens to pull the rider under. Many times, either now or in the future, inhabitants of your planet will feel as if they are being drawn down into a vortex of destructive energy from which they can not escape.

Whenever one finds himself or herself in this situation, the mental power of intent can be used to address the issue at hand in the most productive way possible. How is this accomplished? By going within to access soul knowing and wisdom, a person can begin to discern the most effective way to deal with life’s challenges. Once this awareness has been reached, it is necessary to gather the powers of the mind into a focused intent that visualizes what is needed to address the matter satisfactorily.

The intent must be strong and clear, accompanied by a knowing that the power to create and manifest is an ability given by the Source of All Life. When the intent has been formed, it then is mentally projected into the immediate vibratory field with laser-like intensity. The final step involves releasing the intent with trust that what is for the highest good will occur. Repeated thought on the matter is not necessary and even will impede the creative process. Allow the power of spirit to unfold.

By describing how intent can assist one in creating the most positive course in life possible under prevailing circumstances, we have identified a primary spiritual capability, that of creating one’s reality through focused mental intent. Start to use the process we have described, so that you will see that it really works. When you have mastered this power, you will be able to ride the waves of the future in a state of high well being – a true child of God who has embarked upon a long journey of exploration and discovery to discover all aspects of life on the many planes of creation.