May 2007 – Children, the Forerunners of Tomorrow


We welcome you, our dear friends. For friends you truly are. We are a group consciousness that has been interacting with those incarnating on the Earth plane since the beginning of sentient life on your planet. We were given the assignment, as it were, by the Supreme Being who created all the diverse forms existing in the many dimensions of time and space.

The powerful body of consciousness that originated life plays an ongoing role in the evolution occurring on every level of existence. There always has been and always will be a direct energetic connection between you and this Prime Source. In your universe, life was established at the beginning with an awareness of that direct connection.

Gradually over time that awareness was lost, and incarnating souls lived without the knowledge that they are children of the Creator. They forgot that they were playing in the fields of matter to learn what it is to be spiritual beings encased in a physical body. The ultimate goal is to infuse these bodies with more and more light, so that eventually incarnating souls can merge with the Highest Form of Consciousness at the center of the universe.

How can this seemingly abstract and esoteric information be of importance to you as you struggle with the daily issues that occur in your lives? What we are saying here is of direct and vital importance in every way possible. As you develop a spiritual overview of yourself and realize that you have a source of power within you directly connected with the Divine Creator, you will begin to develop abilities far beyond what you possess today.

The human race is moving up the spiral of life, and a new human species is emerging on your planet. This species will possess highly developed capabilities of extra sensory perception with the ability to see and hear what is transpiring in distant realms. Their bodies will have tensile strength, allowing them to withstand higher levels of radiation and cosmic bombardment that will occur in the future.

Humans will develop a deep intuitive knowing about themselves and what is occurring in their world. They will recognize immediately what is true and what is not. They will be able to transcend the limitations of physical matter and bilocate to any place they chose far beyond the Earth plane on which they reside. And they will utilize on a regular basis universal laws, like the Law of Attraction and the Law of Manifestation, by drawing to themselves anything they need in any area of their life.

How will all of this be possible, you may ask? What is being said here seems beyond the capabilities of current human beings. Not so, we answer. Already in various spots on your planet, children are being born with more advanced abilities. They are highly evolved souls who have taken on human form to help usher in a new and brighter day.

Have you not seen these little ones about you? They are strong and confident with a special outgoing energy, bright eyed optimism and loving nature, which will develop in their later years into leadership and service to others. They will bring change to areas of human expression, for they will offer love, laughter, fellowship and peace to heal a war-torn world. They will show us a new way to live in harmony with each other, our planet and ultimately our Divine Creator.

So we ask those of you who understand and believe in this great shift in humanity to provide the necessary foundation these children will require as they enter the Earth plane. They need love and nurturance with enough space and support to develop their powerful abilities. Among the many shifts in consciousness occurring on your planet now, one of the greatest is in the area of child growth and development.

In previous generations, children were to be seen and not heard. Those days have long past as parents are asked to honor and encourage their children’s individuality and personal talents. This is a challenge for parents of these children, because they question and refuse to follow customs or rules that are not in keeping with their inner truth.

Even those, who do not have children, play an important role in supporting them. Safe, beautiful and growth-enhancing environments need to be provided so that the children can grow up unhindered by trauma, which scars and prevents them from reaching their true potential. All the major areas of society eventually impact children in some way or form. For this reason, what we say here applies to everyone.

So we ask you to heed our words. Look at children in a more expansive way. They are forerunners of an emerging species of human who will usher in the next phase in human development. They need to be recognized and honored for the service they are here to perform. Make a commitment to support these young ones in whatever manner you can. By doing so, you will be contributing to the birth of a new and better world!