May 2006 – A Spiritual View of Political Conflict


We welcome you, our dear friends, as we begin this fifth transmission for the year 2006. We are approaching the half-way mark in this very pivotal year. We hope that the theme of consolidating power is becoming more evident to you. The vibratory essence of power is combining and coalescing with shimmering waves of energy all over the planet. Can you not feel it, radiating within you and impacting you in multiple ways in the many areas of your life?

Power is focused force. It can originate from within, or a wide variety of sources can direct it from without. Extremely important issues are surfacing for the inhabitants of Earth, no matter what locale one lives in. We would like to speak to one of these issues from a spiritual perspective, which we have often said is quite different from the human view. We are referring to the consolidation of political power growing daily in many nations of the world. Since Earth resides in a universe predicated on the concept of duality, political power is unfolding within that framework.

The theme of your universe offers the soul challenge of moving through duality in order to reach a state of unity. Therefore, any situation of importance will always include the opposition of two totally different forces, both of which seek supremacy. Have you not seen the clash of political parties rising to a higher crescendo in the past few months all over the planet? And have you not seen the average citizen in many countries stepping forth to state his or her views and values in a manner not expressed before on such a world-wide scale?

For eons of time, people have been controlled by political, religious, or economic forces that held sway without any concern for the welfare of those residing in their sphere of influence. This was a very important experience in the journey of the soul. It was necessary to live dominated and restricted in order to reach the point of awakening where every incarnating being became aware of his or her innate power and self-worth. Once this state of consciousness has been achieved, there is the capability of creating a New Heaven and a New Earth if the higher good can prevail.

The question facing everyone at this time is “what is the higher good”? True spirituality supports love, peace, truth, respect, honor, unity, cooperation and good will. These values must prevail among the inhabitants of Earth in order for your planet to move up the spiral of life to a higher consciousness. We ask that you incorporate them into every area of your life. If you can do so, beams of light will grow and spread throughout your world illuminating the darkness of hate, war, and disrespect that currently are casting such a pall on every aspect of life.

The political arena is the most obvious area where this battle is being fought. It is a mirror reflecting back for all to see clearly what course human interaction is taking in this day and age. The intensity of the political conflict is dispelling the apathy, denial and impotence that have prevailed for millennia. Many people throughout your planet are lifting their heads, opening their eyes, and rising to walk forward with intent into a New World – hopefully one that is better than the one that exits now.

It is up to you, our dear friends. Stand firmly with spiritual principles guiding you at all times. Refuse to support anyone who does not adhere to these principles. Wish the person well and continue on your way. You, along with many others, can take a quantum leap forward on your spiritual journey if that is what you choose. Never give up hope. Always strive for the higher good. By doing this, you will help lift and transform your world into a place of true beauty and love.

Know that the evolution of the human soul has been a long process and will continue to be so. Every positive step forward contributes to reaching the final goal, no matter how long it will take. So stand in your strength. Know that you came forth from the Creator of All That Is to whom you will return. You are on a sacred journey loved and supported by the realm of spirit. We ask that you carry that truth with you always.