March 2017 – Time – The Ever-present Now


We welcome you, our dear friends. What a glorious time it currently is for incarnating souls on Earth! Many of you may be reading what we have just said with a questioning incredulity given the darkness surrounding so much of what is unfolding all over the globe. Viewing the events of today from a spiritual perspective however will provide the truth of what we have just said.

The history of humanity’s journey on your planet has been one of steadily increasing evolutionary growth. In every century, there have been individuals who were aware of Earth’s plan for spiritual development. They served in the capacity of guardians of the flame since their task was to provide a powerful upward impetus for spiritual change.

They were able to see what appeared to most as past, present and future in a very different way. They understood that spiritual advancement for incarnating souls on Earth would require movement out of the third dimension into the fourth dimension where time and space would manifest very differently. This upward step in multidimensional realities is beginning to take place.

Many of you who have accessed our spiritual transmissions have served in other lifetimes as guardians and protectors of the truths regarding humanity’s spiritual purpose. You have incarnated now to serve in this capacity again. The first step is for you to accept that you have a higher commitment which you assumed when you were born. You agreed to explore expanded concepts regarding time and space so that your fellow souls would have a model for similar exploration.

The first step in this process involves time assuming a fluidity that brings forward past events for the purpose of recapitulation and review. How many of you have had past issues that you considered completed suddenly reappearing in your life in a surprising and unexpected way? Have they taken on an intensity that has caused you distress? Have you wondered why this phenomenon is occurring in your life?

The answer to all of these questions rests in the fact that planet Earth is moving into a more refined spiritual state. The first recognizable sign can be found within the construct of time. The linear concept of past, present and future is slowly being replaced with a new reality where all events occur simultaneously. Since this concept is abstract and challenging to understand, we would like to refer again to our book The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home to further present a new approach to the present view of time.

“Time is relative and does not manifest in a past, present and future framework. Time is a holistic matrix operating out of the eternal Now. This idea is most difficult for beings in the third dimension to grasp. This reality is so deeply ingrained within the consciousness of Earth’s inhabitants that it resembles the hard wiring of a computer with essential data. From the standpoint of the higher dimensions, this is an inaccurate and flawed view of time.”

From the soul’s perspective, the first step in moving into higher realms of consciousness requires that one sees time in a more expanded and realistic way. This is why so many are dealing with past issues and experiences. This process blurs the lines between past and present incorporating these two realities into one. The next step will involve considering probable future events within a present state of awareness. Ultimately the goal is to blend past, present and future into the Ever-Present Now.

Many people struggle with the issue of not having enough time for what has to be done. It almost seems as if time is speeding up and even folding back upon itself affecting productivity and behavior. The purpose of this phenomenon is to bring attention to the whole concept of time and how it affects human life. The proliferation of books and movies regarding time travel are simply emblematic of the change that is occurring within human beings’ awareness of the fact that time is shifting in some undefinable way.

You may wonder why this discussion regarding time has any relevance for you as you experience the many situations in life that surface for you on a daily basis. We assure you that it is highly significant. The vibratory matrix of your planet is shifting into a higher expression. The change will directly affect every incarnating soul on the planet. For this reason, we would like to offer a spiritual exercise regarding time that will be helpful.

On a regular basis, quiet yourself, breathe slowly and rhythmically and sink into a meditative state. Once grounded in this reality, bring up an event in your past that has surfaced in your consciousness recently. Know that all experiences have been a necessary part of your soul’s journey and essential to your soul growth. Embrace this past reality and start to see it differently.

All that has happened, is happening and will happen is occurring simultaneously. Let the dividing lines between past, present and future blur and start to dissolve. Everything in your life has been for the highest good and necessary for soul growth no matter how it may appear outwardly. Celebrate your life and who you really are. Drop all judgement and revel in the reality that you are a child of the Creator. You have earned it!