March 2016 – A Spiritual Perspective on Terrorism


We welcome you, our dear friends. We come to you in a period of high emotional intensity that is surfacing in different ways all over the planet. Acts of terror aimed at civilian populations are serving as the catalyst or trigger for release of this intensity. We have spoken many times regarding the period of Great Purification that incarnating souls are experiencing as they proceed on their spiritual journey.

Indigenous Native American people are very aware of the purifying process that is underway, and they honor its positive purpose. They know that the planet and its people must go through a cleansing and release of negativity that has long been stored in the vibratory matrix of the planet before a new, more advanced human species can incarnate on Earth. They understand that in order to cope with the intensity and demands of the purification process, certain human characteristics must become finely honed and well established in the human persona.

What are these characteristics? Understanding the spiritual significance of what is unfolding on Earth and evidencing the courage and steady resolve to face and move through its challenges is required at this time. There is a massive thought form of fear encircling Earth brought into existence over eons of time through the actions of souls who have incarnated on the planet. This thought form must be dissolved and removed so that higher vibratory spiritual energies can flow freely.

What could possibly be the catalyst strong enough to break up such a firmly established vibratory field? What dynamic is in effect now on Earth that would force people to address the issue of fear? It is the multiple acts of terrorism that are springing up all over the globe. Let us look more closely at terrorism with a clear and steady gaze so that we can understand its higher purpose and positive impact in the evolutionary history of the planet.

What exactly is terrorism? It is a violent action or threat of violent action that is intended to cause fear, horror or dread in its recipients. It is usually used to accomplish a political goal. The primary human emotion felt by those being impacted by terrorism is a sense of deep fear that often is disabling on a variety of levels. The spiritual view of terrorism is that it is the trigger that brings to the surface long held individual and planetary fears that need to be eradicated.

A basic tenet of spiritual wisdom is that there is always a higher good contained within every situation unfolding on Earth’s plane. In the case of the deeply entrenched negativity of fear, a powerful force is needed to break it up and dissipate it. Terrorism creates a high level of anxiety, which is bringing to the forefront the necessity of facing and eradicating fear from the human condition. Therein lays its higher good.

In order to face and eradicate the debilitating effects of terror, it is necessary to call upon the strength of one’s immortal soul wisdom. The soul recognizes the continuity of life which can never be extinguished by any acts of human terrorism. The soul essence is strong, steady, unwavering and continually loving in all types of life situations. One of the major traits of the soul is courage, which provides the ability to face life with a sense of equanimity and trust no matter what is happening in the outer world.

We would like to include now some of the information we presented in our third book, A Spark of the Divine. “Fear and lack of trust are the prevailing emotional states in the world at this time. Energetically, they are reflected as darkness in the human body’s force field, which prevents the free flow of life. It is necessary to identify trust or fear through a scrupulous inventory of one’s emotions, thoughts and actions. Only by emulating the clear and piercing gaze of the eagle can you bring trust into conscious awareness.”

“During this century, healing will become one of the highest priorities in people’s lives. It will involve healing of the planet, the environment, and society on every level of existence. As people become aware of powerful forces of negativity, they will begin to focus more and more on eradicating them. The ability to trust will be needed to accomplish this essential shift in planetary awareness.”

“For this reason, we ask that you fearlessly scrutinize your psychological and emotional state of mind. Identify whether you are apprehensive or worried about anything in your life. Anxiety can be eliminated by changing the way you look at what is upsetting you, if you can reach that state of mind.”

“In order to alter your reaction to what is causing concern in your life, you must be willing to develop trust about all that is, or may be, affecting you adversely. If you can come to believe that everything which happens is for your highest good and will enhance your spiritual growth and development, you will gain a sense of equanimity and trust about all you are facing.”

“Faith and conviction in the rightness of what is unfolding in life is the true outlook of the spiritually enlightened person. Anxiety can never take hold when this view of life is held. How does one achieve this confidence and conviction? It happens by attuning to your own inner wisdom through meditation, prayer or other spiritual practices that raise your vibratory rate and bring you into contact with your soul essence.”

“Your soul knows that everything is ultimately for the highest good. Gaining this knowledge will support you through whatever happens. Trust in this and all will be well.” This information offers a template for addressing and dealing with the fear generated by the multiple acts of terrorism throughout the world or fear on a more personal level. As more and more people face the destructive force of fear with a spiritual perspective, it will become increasingly possible to eradicate it and heal the planet in doing so.