March 2015 – Raising Your Personal Vibration


We welcome you, our dear friends. We are honored to be able to connect with all of you who access these monthly transmissions. We deem it a privilege to have an avenue by which we can bring a spiritual perspective to the affairs of incarnating souls on Earth. We can assume that it is a rare occurrence for you to focus upon your placement within your solar system, galaxy or universe. And yet, so much of what impacts you at an unseen level emanates from these systems outside of your planet.

All life exists within a unified, vibratory, wavelike field, which is replenishing and renewing itself through constant, continuous motion. This field can only be recognized when an individual raises his or her personal vibration to its level. You may be asking why this information has any pertinence for you at this point in time. We will expand upon what we are saying here since it is of extraordinary personal significance for everyone reading our words.

One of the most significant acts you can do at the present time is to raise your own personal vibration so that you can recognize and attune to the higher vibratory energy, which is all about you. This higher vibratory field is available and is instrumental in helping you move up the spiral upon your spiritual journey. As your energy field rises to a higher frequency, you will find that you are developing abilities that you did not have before.

The first and most important thing you will notice is that you seem to be more balanced in many different life situations that were problematic in the past. You will begin to experience an involved detachment and will feel more like an observer than a participant in affairs where you were fully engaged in the past. We know that many of you noticing this sense of detachment have felt a deep level of concern about this condition and are unaware of the positive spiritual steps you have taken to reach this level of spiritual growth.

To be involved in life around you while at the same time developing an observational detachment indicates that you are on a higher level of human functioning. It also shows that your ties to Earth’s energy field are lessening and you are expanding your multidimensional consciousness. This heightened state will open you up to experiences that you never have had before while bringing a new vitality and energy to your life.

This is why we constantly ask you to recognize the existence of and attune to the energy fields surrounding you. By not doing so, you are looking at life through a glass darkly and are missing the exciting elements of life that are waiting for your participation. Many different layers of life exist all about you. You just have to be on the same vibratory level to see them. It is as simple as that.

How do you raise the vibratory essence of your energy field? First and foremost, you must believe, even though you cannot see your energy field, that it exists and you have the ability to interact with it. Secondly, it is necessary to expand your sensing capabilities. Carefully identify impressions and feelings you have in any given situation. They will be your guides in opening you to higher levels of consciousness.

Use deep rhythmic breathing and going within through meditation to help you have a deeper level of attunement. As you function more and more in this manner, your intuitive capabilities will expand greatly. Your innate knowing concerning people and events will increase without any factual proof of validity. You will start to see and hear things, which others cannot.

Time will start to unfold for you in a new and different way. You may find that you have suddenly accomplished a task in a much shorter time than usual or arrived at a destination much faster than you ordinarily do. Space itself might start to seem variable in a number of ways not experienced before. Does what always has seemed solid and substantial suddenly feel more opaque and less grounded?

We do not tell you these things to alarm you. They are the norm when a multidimensional shift is underway. The residents of Earth are currently starting to experience this new reality. Therefore it is essential that you understand what is occurring to you and your world. It is our responsibility to bring you information about this new reality so that you can surf the great waves of change and transformation that are engulfing your world.

It is essential that you recognize that these waves form the background of all life on planet Earth. The next step is learning how to draw upon them to help create the reality you desire. You are meant to become the manager of energy fields, not impacted by them without your knowledge. We will be speaking in the months to come of how you can accomplish this feat. In the meantime, focus on your sensing and become more aware of the vibratory energy that rhythmically undulates all about you. It is the essence that sustains you at a molecular level.