March 2014 – Achieving Unity through Polarity


We welcome you, our dear friends. The people of Earth are one quarter of the way through the momentous year of 2014. It will be useful to consider this year incrementally in three month segments. The reason for this lies in the variety of challenges that will surface during the twelve month period. This year will be recognized in the future for encapsulating the themes that will be unfolding throughout the centuries ahead.

2014 will provide a preview of the key issues facing incarnating souls on Earth for years to come. Therefore, we would like to give an insight into the events of this seminal year and the deeper significance of their impact. The first area to consider is a personal one. Have you experienced any shifts in how you view yourself, your relationships or the physical world around you since the start of the year?

Please take the time to quiet yourself and go within to connect with your inner soul essence. Have you or your perception of your world changed in any significant way? It is very important that you bring into conscious awareness any shift that occurred for you since the beginning of the year. We ask that three more times this year in June, September and December you reflect upon any changes in consciousness you have experienced during that three month segment.

Why do we request that you conduct this review of your life at the intervals we have suggested? We do so because when 2014 ends in December you will have faced many significant events and changes. It is important to recognize what has occurred for you at a deeper level so that you can incorporate the wisdom you have gained and the soul growth you have experienced.

Consider this year as a period of four cycles of three months duration. Start to recognize the themes and patterns that are emerging and shifting in your lives. Step outside your personal consciousness and view what is occurring from the viewpoint of the detached observer. Accept that a blueprint is emerging that will be in effect for an extended period of time.

After you have completed your personal inventory, look at the world around you. Your planet is in the throes of a massive shift. The climate of Earth is being restructured at a fundamental level. Unusual weather patterns will continue for decades. Every area of Earth will be impacted by climate changes that will cause much dislocation for people all over the planet.

These changes in weather patterns have a higher good that might not be recognized. As certain areas become less habitable, people will move to new locations providing an aeration of people and cultures that will be beneficial in the long run. One of the major questions confronting people in climate impacted areas will be whether life in their current locale is sustainable. This basic question will become more prevalent in the months and years to come.

Another key area that will prevail in the future is that of polarity between people on the local, national and international level. Wherever one turns, there is conflict or strife between people, political parties or nations. At a higher level, polarity is a necessary step ultimately leading to unity. In order to achieve unity, the challenge of polarity must be experienced.

The overriding theme for the universe in which Earth resides is reaching unity through the conflict of polarity. All beings are meant to learn that we are one and interconnected at a soul level. In order to achieve this fundamental knowing, a period of disconnection or polarity much be experienced. It is therefore important to recognize the purpose of polarity and move beyond it into a state of unity.

In order to achieve unity, you must refuse to be polarized in any instance. Staying neutral in a conflicting situation and emitting a peaceful vibration is one of the highest forms of service anyone can provide on the Earth plane. There will be continuous opportunities to positively affect conflicts and strife in the times ahead. As an example, were you involved in a polarizing situation during the past three months?  Were you able to bring healing energy and diffuse the conflict? If so, you were calling upon the power of spirit to achieve the universal goal of unity.

We would like to repeat what we said in January of this year. Much of the old way of life that no longer serves you will end in order to create a new and better existence. If you can emit a spiritual vibration in all types of experiences whether they are positive or negative, you will have achieved transcendence, one of the highest spiritual states that can be reached on Earth’s plane.

We have asked that you divide 2014 into four segments of careful review so that you can be fully aware of the deep level of change that is occurring within and all around you. Recapitulation helps identify and anchor events in your life that may not be recognized as important. Everything that is occurring in 2014 is highly significant. If you can maintain a spiritual vibration no matter what is unfolding about you, you will know how to handle the challenges of this great year.

The Lightbringers