March 2013 – Living Within the Spirit of All Things


We welcome you, our dear friends. Times and events in the world are shifting and changing at a rapid rate. Much of what has been established over long periods of the past in the affairs of humans on your planet is fading away to be replaced by circumstances that are unknown and unfamiliar. Strongly held beliefs are being discarded as incarnating souls on Earth are moving forward onto untried ground.

Many people are struggling to find a new footing in this changing world. Relinquishing old values and mores is difficult and requires strength of character and great fortitude. The first step of this process is a dawning recognition that much of what was believed previously no longer seems true or valid. The most basic human assumptions are losing the power and force they used to contain.

There is a basic reason why this dynamic has become prevalent in the human condition at this point in time on your planet. The solar system in which Earth resides is being impulsed by powerful galactic energies, which are breaking down old forms in preparation for an advanced way of life to emerge in the years ahead. In order for this to happen, established values and patterns of living must change so that a new, more evolved human condition can emerge.

The Mayans were masters at interpreting human cycles. They understood that all life on your planet proceeds in a measured and predictable way. They knew that each cycle of time contained an overriding theme, which provided the back drop for the spiritual lessons to be learned by incarnating souls on Earth. By identifying these themes, they were able to provide a blueprint for spiritual growth, which their people could recognize and follow.

A highly publicized Mayan cycle of 5,125 years ended on December 21, 2012. The movement and change necessary to prepare humanity for the new age that has just begun was the theme for this past cycle. During the next 5,125 years there will be a growing emphasis on the sacredness of spirit found in all life. This theme will provide the background for everything that will manifest during this period.

The cycle that has just passed focused on the outer growth and development of the human race. The new age will concentrate on finding the inner spiritual state contained in every form of life. The recognition will grow that there is an activating spiritual essence residing at the core of all that exists. Finding that essence and merging with it will become the primary quest for the people of the future.

Why is it so important to connect with the spirit of all things? Why can we not continue to exist within a three dimensional framework where the emphasis is placed on the material aspect of life? The answer is very simple indeed. Incarnating souls on Earth are sparks of divine energy sent out from the Creator at the very beginning of existence. Your primary purpose is to grow in love and wisdom and return finally to the Source from which you came. Now is the time for you to incorporate this knowledge into your conscious awareness and sculpt your lives accordingly.

The soul’s journey is one of continuous growth interspersed with periods where assimilation of what has been learned occurs. Nothing in the universe remains static. Every aspect of life is impacted by energies promoting evolutionary development. When one important aspect of life has been learned, a new and more advanced area of expression will emerge for mastery.

The process of expansion is hard wired into the experience of the soul. There resides at the core of every being, whether known or unknown, a divine discontent, which provides the impulse to learn, grow and thrive. This discontent motivated the people of Earth during the last cycle to search out and explore every aspect of the planet – its earth, air and water. Now that this has been accomplished, it is time to initiate the process of going within.

The search for the spirit within will move humanity out of the third dimension and into the higher dimensions of time, space and mental causation. This shift has started and will intensify in the decades ahead. People’s values and beliefs are going through a radical realignment. There are definite variations occurring in the way people want to live and what is important to them.

These changes are only the beginnings of deeper societal shifts that are starting to emerge. Look at your own lives. In what ways are you different from what you were five, ten, fifteen years ago? Have you been able to improve conditions in your life that were troubling for you? If you have, then you are growing spiritually and are bringing positive energy to a planet that sorely needs it.

It is not possible to return to the established status quo. It is crumbling and will not be able to sustain itself. A new and better way of life is starting to emerge in key locales all over Earth. The best that each incarnating soul can do under these circumstances is to identify what brings love, light and respect to any situation and embody it. If you can bring these spiritual qualities into every area of your life, you will be living within the spirit of all things.

The Lightbringers