MARCH 2012 – Experiencing Your True Vibratory Nature


We welcome you, our dear friends. We want to extend our deep appreciation and thanks to all of you who have attuned to our words. The link we have formed with souls incarnating on Earth’s plane is one of great power and significance. The bonds being established on many different levels between the third dimension and higher dimensions are creating a new and better world for inhabitants of your planet.

Many people on Earth are expanding their awareness regarding the limits of their physical world. They are beginning to attune to the galaxy in which their planet resides. They are starting to recognize the significance the universe plays in impacting their lives. The transformation of human awareness is increasing at a dramatic rate. The mechanism assisting this powerful expansion is vibratory in nature.

Earth is being impulsed with molecular waves of vibratory energy that are shifting and rearranging the very force field of the planet. This vibratory stimulus has a powerful effect on every aspect of life in your world. As the pressure of the molecular rate increases, the amount of turbulence intensifies at all levels of life. Human beings are being buffeted by an energy field that most cannot see or even are aware of.

It is this energy field, however, that is assisting the step in evolutionary development that is occurring at this time. For years, we have spoken about the importance of becoming aware of your own energy field and that of all life in your world. Now is the time for this state of awareness to shift into one of directly experiencing the vibratory nature of yourself and your world on an ongoing basis.

We ask that you become like a tuning fork, constantly feeling the variations in your own energy field while you pick up and recognize the vibrational aspect of the energy fields you find yourself in throughout the day. It is time to accept completely that you are a condensation of energy activated by a spiritual essence that is your true guiding force.

Your spiritual practices are an essential stabilizing element that will ground and center you during the tumultuous times ahead. The period of greatest stress and tension has begun. We say this not to frighten you but to alert you to the reality that you are facing. The dissolution of your world has accelerated and is reaching its peak. Events outside and within your personal world are fast approaching the point of greatest intensity.

It is essential that you accept the reality of what we are saying here and prepare yourself to ride this wave in a state of high well-being. How do I prepare, you may ask? Start with the physical aspects of your life. Are there any actions you need to take to improve your physical health? This is extremely important since your body is the vehicle within which your soul resides. Are there any steps you need to take to improve your overall vitality? If so, take them.

Do you consider yourself emotionally and mentally able to address disturbing events that may surface in the near future? Envision yourself as a sturdy little boat staying afloat and stable in a stormy sea that attempts to engulf you and throw you off course. Every day use deep breathing and attunement to spirit to keep your emotional nature stable and balanced.

When you reach this state of inner equanimity on a regular basis, nothing can affect you adversely. You will have become a true world server who can be a help to others in need, and there will be many of them around you requiring your assistance. We do not want those of you who are reading our words to descend into a state of fear and dread. You have participated in many lifetimes where great challenges contributed positively to your spiritual growth and development.

Now is another one of those periods long anticipated by people all over the globe. Prepare yourself for what is coming knowing that it will be accompanied by dislocation and dissolution, which is a necessary part of the process. Birthing a new world requires that aspects of the old world, which no longer serve those waiting to incarnate, must be broken up and removed. It is analogous to preparing a garden for a new crop. All weeds that will impede growth must be removed.

The best way to deal with what is coming will be to have the conviction that all is for the highest good even though the outer situation seems quite different. Use your inner sense and see that what is unfolding contains within it the beautiful glow of spirit. Know that all events in your life are a part of the greater scheme of things. Always keep these words in mind, and you will be able to weather the storms ahead in a state of high well-being.

The Lightbringers