March 2011 – Riding the Waves of Change


We welcome you, our dear friends. Time as you know it is accelerating and increasing in speed and velocity. At periodic intervals, linear time seems to slow down or move forward more rapidly with a fluctuation that appears to be out of the norm. Planet Earth currently is experiencing a time warp, which brings one extreme event after another in rapid and unrelenting order.

Many people feel like they have just recovered from one intense situation when a new one appears. Things seem more and more chaotic personally, nationally and world-wide. The decades in the past that were relatively peaceful are but faint memories receding in the mists of time. Existence is becoming increasingly harsh for many, as their financial resources diminish, and their way of life is disintegrating before their very eyes.

Earth also is undergoing profound transformation causing upheaval in the form of earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and severe climatic changes. These events are resulting in death and destruction with its accompanying pain and suffering and are impacting more and more people. Some of these physical manifestations are directly caused by the actions of those living in the locale where the events are taking place.

Many physical changes, however, are being created by Mother Earth herself as she seeks to raise her vibratory rate. The great soul inhabiting your planet knows that she must change herself so that she can be in harmony with the more advanced souls who are coming onto the planet in ever larger numbers. In order to accomplish this, she is releasing a long established energy field that no longer serves the souls incarnating on her surface.

Turbulence on all levels of existence is increasing everywhere. We ask that you look at your lives. An unforeseen situation may have appeared suddenly requiring an inordinate amount of time and attention from you to address the matter. Physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual issues may be surfacing, many that have required resolution but have not been addressed.

Time seems to be speeding up, bringing one matter after another for you to deal with in order to bring harmony and simplicity into your lives. Can you not see the beauty in this process? You and your planet are in a period of extreme cleansing and purification. Anything that is dense or heavy in your energy field and that of Earth must be dispelled, in order for you to bring more light onto the surface of the planet.

You are in the process of being transformed so that you can emit a higher spiritual vibration, which is encoded in particles of light. In future years, more and more attention will be given to the energy body surrounding the physical form and how much light it releases into its surroundings. The healing and uplifting power of that light will be recognized and sought after as essential to human life.

Therefore, we ask that you welcome the speeding up of time and the intensity of issues that have appeared in your life for resolution. Look at the political turmoil surfacing all over the globe as a necessary step for addressing the inequity in the distribution of wealth with its impact on meeting basic human needs. The span separating extreme wealth and extreme poverty is as great as it has ever been, creating an inequality that must be resolved.

It is for this reason that demonstrations and uprisings are occurring in so many countries. They will continue until a more fair and equitable reallocation of resources is established. Turbulence is always created where an imbalance exists. This is why turbulence is so important. It identifies something that needs attention and will continue unabated until the matter is satisfactorily addressed.

Another area that is moving into prominence is the ever-increasing severity of weather all over the planet. The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan with its widespread devastation is a harbinger of other catastrophic events that will be coming. We have long talked about these times and what will unfold. We have compared these events to a woman giving birth. The pain is well worth it, since the beauty and promise of new life follows.

Now is the time to assemble and combine the many spiritual practices you have acquired down through the years and perform them daily. They will uphold and support you as you move through the astounding and remarkable years ahead. Whether you realize it or not, you have been preparing for these times since the moment you were born. Embrace them and ride the waves of change with balance and poise. You are a child of God here to usher in a New Heaven and a New Earth.