March 2010 – Mental House Cleaning


We welcome you, our dear friends. Spring is starting to emerge in the northern hemispheres of Earth. Slight stirrings of life are appearing throughout the natural world. It is a time of renewal and rebirth. The energy at this time can be likened to a person awakening from a long and deep sleep. Slowly, life is moving, albeit in a hidden fashion, since there appears to be little activity on an outer level.

During spring, the creative energies of the planet gather ready to burst forth. The season holds promise and hope as Mother Earth begins a different cycle of life, offering new experiences for spiritual growth and development. Every year when spring appears, whether in the northern or southern hemispheres, an opportunity is presented for Earth’s inhabitants to experience a new beginning in whatever area of life they may choose.

How many of you look at spring in this manner? Can you consciously identify where you would like to start afresh or redo in some fashion? If you are aware of the spiritual significance of time’s cycles, are you able to recognize the energy prominent during this season and draw upon it to enhance and improve your life?

We ask that you think of spring as a time to initiate a new and better period in your earthly existence – a time in which you are able to consciously upgrade a part of your life, which you feel needs it. We often have used a spiral to symbolize the journey of the soul. Spring offers a golden opportunity for incarnating souls to move up to a new turn on that spiral.

During the past two months, we have presented ideas about involved detachment and finding one’s true self, two important facets of preparation for the coming times. Now, we would like to speak about cleaning, something that occurs quite naturally after a long winter period. What we are referring to here is a different type, however. We are talking about the concept of mental house cleaning.

What is mental house cleaning? It is a process in which you impeccably observe and reflect upon the thought processes that make up your mental framework. You identify clearly how you view yourself and those with whom you interact on a regular basis. Do you see yourself and others positively or negatively? Do you have a sense of optimism and hope for the future, or are your sights clouded with doubt and anxiety?

Are you able to look at the tests and challenges in your life as elements that have helped you grow into a stronger and better human being? Can you say that everything unfolding in your life is for the highest good, even though it may not appear so outwardly? Mental house cleaning involves reviewing every area of your life and fearlessly asking yourself these questions.

Why is this process of self-inquiry significant? It will be important for you to possess a sharply honed mental focus that is positive and functioning at the highest level, in order to deal effectively with the coming times. If you are weakened by anxiety, fear or negativity, you will not be able to manifest what you want or need in the future.

Incarnating souls currently living on Earth have come with the express purpose of lifting humanity up to a higher turn on the evolutionary spiral. This advancement can only occur when a new and more positive mental focus is held by the majority of people living on the planet. The old attitudes of disapproval, judgment and hatred towards others must cease to exist.

People have to accept responsibility for their negative thoughts and commit to changing them. In order to evolve spiritually, incarnating souls need to embrace the concept of unity in all areas of their lives. As this happens, higher vibratory spiritual waves will engulf the planet, removing the more dense energy field that has surrounded it for too long. Only then can Earth shine with a new and brighter light.

Mind force is one of the most powerful tools for transformation. When you change your mind, you change your world. So what better activity could you embark upon this spring than mental house cleaning? Clear away any negative thought patterns you may have. Replace them with respect, trust and love. These will be the qualities that will open the door to a better future for all.