March 2009 – Manifesting Your Highest Good


We welcome you, our dear friends. This current time on Earth is highly significant in many ways. Humanity, as a group, is preparing to take a monumental step forward on its evolutionary journey. There have been a few periods in the history of the human race when major advancements have occurred. Another one of these periods has begun.

Many centuries have had to pass, so that the preparatory work for the next leap in consciousness could unfold. Spiritual masters of all traditions have held secret the knowledge of what was developing down through the ages. They kept alive this ancient wisdom in a quiet, unseen way, like a subterranean river, which nurtures and supports the ground above.

Now, however, the monumental shift in human awareness is starting to percolate and penetrate the various levels of human society. Many long-held concepts and beliefs are coming under scrutiny and being recognized as no longer valid or workable. The prime supports and mainstays of cultures all over the planet seem to be losing relevance and are fading out of existence.

As a result, a wide variety of countries are experiencing political, economic and/or social pressures in one way or another, causing serious difficulties and disruptions for many. Presently, the world is in the throes of a severe economic downturn.

People are losing jobs, homes and savings on a scale not seen since the Great Depression. The ensuing economic turmoil, however, has a higher purpose because it is serving as a catalyst for changing consciousness. People are starting to reexamine their views of life and are beginning to question their values. A wave of new thought is emerging, which will provide the stimulus needed to produce more advanced societies in the centuries ahead. Incarnating souls on Earth are living during a period where old forms are being broken down and discarded so that something new and fresh can emerge.

In order for humanity to move up onto the next rung of life’s spiral, much of what has been the norm must be set aside, so that a different way of life can surface. For this reason, many governments are in the process of upheaval and change. The political practices that have been in existence for some time are no longer working, resulting in societal shifts that seem almost revolutionary in nature.

A positive premise exists within all crisis situations. Difficulties cause one to focus upon an area of life that might not have been examined while things were going well. A change for the better can not occur by utilizing the same thinking that created the problem. Trials and tests present an opportunity for a shift in consciousness, since only a new perspective will provide the needed solution.

It is essential that people experiencing physical, emotional, or psychological stress address it from a spiritual perspective. First, there must be a realization that now is the time when many longstanding forms of living must be set aside, so that new and better ways can come forth. This conviction will provide the support required to weather trying issues whenever they arise.

For a garden to produce an abundant yield, it is necessary to prepare the soil by weeding and fertilizing before new seeds are planted. This analogy describes exactly what is occurring on Earth at the present time. Your planet is being weeded to remove old customs and practices that have served their purpose and now need to be eliminated.

At the same time, there is a fertilization process in effect, rarely recognized by most people. Earth is being impulsed by powerful waves of spiritual energy emitted from the center of your galaxy, which are penetrating every nook and cranny of your planet. These vibratory waves will create within you the ability to address whatever problems currently exist in your life, if you will just draw upon their spiritual power.

There has never been a time when meditation and attunement to spirit, both within and without, is more needed. These practices will expand and stabilize your view of all that is occurring in your life. They will bring you the strength to trust that everything you are experiencing is for your highest good, as well as for the good of others inhabiting your planet.

Try each day to find a time to go within. Let your breath take you to the center of your being. Draw upon the spiritual energies all about you. Become aware that they are nurturing and supporting you. Release fear and anxiety. Finally, feel a deep sense of peace regarding any problems in your life. Develop the certainty that you can handle them with a sense of personal confidence and conviction. This is your birthright, child of the Creator. Use it to manifest your highest good.